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    Skin Rejuvenation Techniques To Try

    When you hear the terms “skin resurfacing” and “skin rejuvenation” you might think they are interchangeable, but the reality is that they are two often different things. Skin resurfacing refers to procedures which specifically target the surface of your skin, such as laser peels and chemical peels. However, skin rejuvenation procedures include resurfacing techniques as well as procedures of any kind that are designed to make your skin look better, even if those procedures treat deeper skin tissues.

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    Halloween Tutorials: Minnie Mouse & Wednesday Addams

    Hey everyone!

    I am back with two videos this week. I can’t believe it that it’s almost Halloween!

    I made these videos because I thought it was very easy to recreate and you’d probably have at least half of the stuff that you need in order to recreate this look in your closet! Especially those of you who don’t have any costumes prepared yet this year.

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    Fall Makeup Look Tutorial

    Hello, everyone! I’m Laurensia and today I have a Fall make up tutorial for you! I am so glad that summer’s over and fall is finally here.

    To be honest, fall is my all-time favorite season. All of the color-changing leaves, fresh cold air and pumpkin spice lattes got me.

    This look is very simple and you can obviously do this for your everyday look! It took me around 15-20 minutes to finish this make up on myself. (I love taking my time to get ready every morning!)

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