How to Choose Organic Makeup Products for Oily Skin

There are many factors that go into having good skin. First of all, watching what you eat is highly important, and so is creating an appropriate barrier between it and the natural elements. This needs to be thick enough to provide adequate complexion, but also thin and breathable at the same time.

Interior hydration is also essential, which is why people with amazing complexions are usually those that drink at least two liters of water daily, if not more. But, of course, the products you buy and put on your face and body also make a difference. This is why you need to cater to your specific skin type and its needs.



What brands and manufacturers choose to put in their products can either make them or break them. And when it comes to beauty, you need to be very careful about what you choose to put on your epidermis. Although medical tech has managed to synthesize plenty of efficient compounds in labs, natural is still the way to go as far as ingredients are concerned.

Therefore, when you’re in need of an additional resource about organic foundation for oily skin or want to know what type of primer and setting spray to choose for your complexion, consulting the ingredient list is the best idea. Here are the three best organic ingredients to look for in makeup products when you have oily skin.



Native to Australia, the oil extracted from the tea tree has been known for centuries for its many amazing health benefits. In fact, the indigenous Bundjalung people living in Eastern Australia crush up the leaves of the bush in order to inhale their oils in the treatment of coughing and minor colds.

When it comes to the skin, tea tree oil is an extremely beneficial substance for acne-prone complexions because it has antiseptic properties and helps keep oiliness at bay all day long. Australian researchers have even discovered that a 5% solution of it has similar effects on the skin to benzoyl peroxide, a renowned drugstore treatment for acne.

The Body Shop has an incredible line of tea tree oil-based skincare and makeup that caters to this particular complexion type. However, there are some drawbacks too. For example, Mayo Clinic dermatologist Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D., warns against using this ingredient when your acne comes with rosacea as well, because it has been known to worsen the irritation.



Charcoal is another organic ingredient you should look for in the products you buy to control your oily skin. Comprised mainly of the natural element carbon, its sponge-like texture has the incredible ability to attract oil, dirt and any other impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh without stripping it of any of its natural moisture in the process.

Due to this property, your shine will be kept at bay all day long, and your pores will no longer be clogged either. Anyone struggling with an oilier complexion knows how important these two things are. Plenty of natural brands, such as Lush or Origins, use activated charcoal as the main ingredient in their products, so you have a lot of options too.



Also known as China clay due to its white color, kaolin is a naturally-occurring substance used to keep oily skin under control in both regular households and high-end spas across the world. Bentonite and montmorillonite are two other types of clay minerals that are used for similar purposes in foundations, concealers, powders or masks.

Their effectiveness comes from their absorbent properties, which help mattify skin and leave behind a velvety feel to the complexion. But this also means that this product in itself is not moisturizing in any way, so look for products that also contain elements which will plump up your complexion and give it that youthful glow.

Organic options for this consist of honey, olive oil, avocado or shea butter, and that’s just to name a few. Balance is important because when oilier complexions become dehydrated, they produce even more sebum to try and make up for it. Therefore, you need to remember that your skin needs moisture too.



Caring for oily skin is different than a regimen for drier complexions, or even combination ones. If you want to use the best organic makeup and skincare out here, you need to watch out for a few key ingredients. The three main ones are tea tree oil, charcoal and clay minerals. However, there are plenty more options out there.

Dead sea mud is an equally suitable choice, as is lavender, and so on. Whatever your needs might be, doing your research beforehand is essential. When it comes to your well-being, an informed decision is the best decision you can make.

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