Laneige Sleeping Mask & Peeling Gel Review

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Hey everyone!

This post will be a review on my favorite Laneige products, which are the Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack, and the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX.

These are definitely some of my favorite masks of all time!

And they’re best served chilled! ūüėČ

I have so many masks and treatments on rotation right now so I only use these about 2-3 times a month, but when I do, I use all three in one treatment session (about twice a week) and they work tremendously well together!

Whenever I want to use these treatments, I won’t use anything else that night. I only wash my face with my regular cleanser and then use all these three products, leaving the Water Sleeping Pack overnight, so that they’re all I use that night.

I aim to finish up these products by the end of the year and will definitely be repurchasing all three again.
Read on to see my detailed review on these three Laneige best-selling treatments!


Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel

This is the first step to the regime after cleansing, and it basically feels like a thick exfoliating gel cleanser.

Claims & Ingredients

Laneige claims this product to be a hypoallergenic peeling gel that gently polishes the skin for a smooth complexion and a stronger skin barrier. It provides soft yet powerful exfoliation. I concur!
It also claims to have de-oxidating and calming effects on the skin too.Active ingredients are as follows:

  • Mannan gently exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities.
  • Fermented yogurt (Sogurty) has anti-inflammatory effects to soothe the skin and strengthen its barriers.
  • Recoverine from chestnut extracts promote turnover of horny layers to remove dead skin cells for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.
  • Multi berry complex¬†deliver abundant nutrition and antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals.


I love the tube packaging and its pink color! It’s very hygienic, product is easy to squeeze out, and the cap is very secure – I have no complaints with regards to packaging!


The texture is a thick gel, opaque pale pink in color, and has tiny granules of exfoliating beads in it. The exfoliating beads are very soft and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Definitely not the abrasive kind!


I love storing this in my fridge because when applied cold, it gives a surge of freshness to the skin.I apply this on wet skin immediately after I wash my face with my regular cleanser.

I take about 2-3cm of the product and gently massage it all over my face in circular motions with my fingers, then rinse it off with warm water. It’s basically like using any other face wash, nothing too complicated.

I find it dissolves better with warm water than cold water. The peeling gel leaves the skin squeaky clean (literally squeaky!) after being rinsed off, but it does not strip the skin. Skin actually feels much more nourished and moisturized once dry. I feel like my skin feels plumper!

After I pat my skin dry, I immediately follow up with the Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack.


Skin was much smoother and more supple. I noticed a slight difference in amount of blackheads on my nosetip as well.When my skin is very flaky and dry, I find that this actually removes all those flakiness on top of the skin surface really well without irritating it. It basically removes all dirt, excess oil, and unevenness, then it moisturizes the skin.

This provides a good “clean” base for the skin’s subsequent treatments. It really makes any subsequent treatments penetrate into the skin better.


US$22 on Amazon and Sasa.


Rating: 5/5

Highly recommend this for any skin types, especially for people with sensitive skin who needs a gentle yet effective exfoliation.


Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack

This is one of my favorite hydrating masks. Hydrating masks usually just moisturize and rehydrate the skin. This one also treats imperfections such as congestions, spots and acne!

Claims & Ingredients

Laneige claims this product has a high concentration of multiberry extract that will nourish the skin from deep inside and leave the skin supple. It hydrates, nourishes and regenerates skin for supple and firming skin.I actually agree that this product makes the skin supple and firmer – my skin definitely feels plumper after rinsing this product off, and after patting my skin dry I feel it sort of has a “lifting” effect. My skin felt tighter, but not in a drying/dehydrated kind of way. It just feels “lifted”.

Active ingredients include:

  • Fermented yogurt (Sogurty) that promotes collagen production and enhances the skin’s defence system from harmful external causes, leaving the skin healthier and firmer. It also has anti-inflammatory effects to soothe the skin.
  • Multiberry complex¬†deliver abundant nutrition and antioxidants to eliminate harmful free radicals.
  • NAG (N-acetyl D Glucosamine), NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) and Niacinamide (vitamin B3) softens and clears micro-sized dead skin cells left after exfoliating for even denser and smoother skin texture.
  • Packaging

This comes in a tub packaging and I love how clean and beautiful it looks. While tub packaging aren’t necessarily hygienic, it does come with a spatula.


The texture is thick and pasty like yogurt, and applies thick as well, but glides really smoothly when being massaged on to the skin. Although thick in texture, it definitely isn’t tacky or sticky, just a tad greasy but once rinsed off, none of the greasiness will remain.


I massage this on to dry skin after using the Multiberry Yogurt Peeilng Gel. I take about the same amount of product as the Peeling Gel and massage it gently all over the skin in circular motions. I really enjoy this process and find it therapeutical because of its soothing and yummy scent! I swear it smells like a tub of Strawberry Pocky yogurt (if there was one!). I find it hilarious how Laneige had to issue a “Caution: Do Not Eat” warning on the description of this product on their website!


Oh, my goodness. This is such a lovely product and I rarely say this with regards to masks but I can definitely see a difference immediately after use.

By comparison, the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud is a bit thicker upon application but thins out after a while, and it does not treat acne – it purely hydrates and treats skin irritations. So I use that when my skin is dehydrated and/or irritated (from allergies, etc.).However, this Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack hydrates, lifts/firms¬†and treats/heals skin problems such as congestion and acne. Maybe the effects won’t be seen immediately with regards to acne, but I can testify that my skin feels so much suppler and firmer once I rinse this product off and pat my skin dry. As for my acne and congestions, I can see a difference the next morning!

One time, I noticed my skin was very dry and flaky,¬†and I had a few little acneic bumps on my chin (I blame you, hormones!) so I used this treatment because I needed something to moisturize and renourish my dry skin and heal my acne at the same time. The bumps were flattened the next morning, it’s insane. This has actually worked on huge, surprise zits too!

Along with the Multiberry Peeling Gel, I think these two really does a great job at cleaning out pores and healing problem areas whilst hydrating and moisturizing at the same time. I think this beats individual sheet masks any day!

This does not irritate my dry/combo skin, and my friend who has sensitive/acne-prone skin told me she hasn’t had any problems with this too! However, I can’t testify for people who have oily skin. This product does leave sort of a rather thick “film” on the skin’s surface.

If you have used Lush’s body conditioners or any in-shower body conditioners, it feels exactly like that, except on the face (less thick than the Lush body conditioner, of course). Once rinsed off, it won’t leave a “squeaky” feeling like the Peeling Gel does, although it leaves a “fuller” and plumper feel to the skin, which I personally don’t mind, but don’t know how this would affect people with oily/acne prone skin.


US$27 on Amazon.


Rating: 4.5/5

Love this to treat and hydrate skin at the same time, but I’m just not sure about how people with oily/acne-prone skin will react to this.


Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

I’ve used this since 2011 and this is my third tub. I cannot get enough of this thing!

I store this in the fridge too and when applied cold, it gives the most relaxing and soothing feeling – super therapeutical! Amazing for days when your skin is dehydrated and when you just need an extra UMPH! to lighten up your mood. Super relaxing!

Claims & Ingredients

Laneige claims that applying this overnight will help maximize the efficiency of overnight water supply. They also claim that the scent helps relieve stress, which I can totally testify to.

  • Here are the active ingredients and their benefits:
    Beta Glucan¬†deeply hydrates fatigued and dry skin while Ceramides strengthen the skin’s barrier.
  • Snow Water will help keep the skin looking crystal clear and vitalized.
  • Hunza Apricot Extracts contain antioxidants that will brighten the skin tone evenly by removing harmful oxygen and purifying the skin.
  • Recoverine¬†from¬†chestnut extracts¬†promote turnover of horny layers to remove dead skin cells for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.
  • A patented aromatic essence compound developed by AMOREPACIFIC called the Sleepscent helps relax the mind and body, which will then help with good sleep. A good sleep will allow sufficient relaxation that will reinforce the skin’s restoration. Orange flower, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood essential oils are contained in the Sleepscent.


The packaging is exactly the same as the Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack, except this is blue! Aah, so cute!


Light, gel-type texture, which is not sticky at all, which makes it an amazing overnight treatment. It will take a while for the gel to be fully absorbed into the skin, it will feel a bit slippery and watery for a while, but once it sinks in the skin will feel super smooth, it’s like you have nothing on your skin!


Laneige recommends using this as a face massage gel after washing the face. They recommend taking about 2-3 cm of the product and marking it on the nose tip, cheeks, forehead, and chin, and just leaving it there for about 3 seconds so we can enjoy the smell of the Sleepscent – this will help relax the body and mind.They also recommend sniffing the product straight from the tub to help relieve stress. I personally think this works! <3

After enjoying the scent for a while, gently massage the gel into the skin and neck, and that’s it! Go to sleep! ūüôā

When my skin is particularly dry, or when the weather is colder and drier than usual, I would apply another layer.

I don’t always use this as an overnight treatment, though. Some winter mornings, or on mornings when my skin is particularly dry, I would apply this once I wake up in the morning (before breakfast/shower/anything else), leave it on while I eat breakfast and wash it off in the shower afterwards. I find that this really rejuvenates my skin!


This is my go-to hydrating mask during the summer! Well, all-year long actually, but I love this more during hotter months because of its light gel texture, refreshing scent and the fact that it’s cold! I also gravitate towards this product when I’m feeling stressed because I honestly find the scent to be very relaxing. Sometimes, when I’m not using this as a treatment but do need to relieve stress, I would just apply this overnight on my neck. (Psst! I sometimes apply this on my arms and legs too!!)

I find that I need to apply an extra layer of this during winter months, but most of the time one layer is moisturizing enough as an overnight treatment.


US$25 on Sephora and US$21 on Amazon.


Rating: 5/5

Definitely recommend this for all skin types. If you’re concerned about this clogging your pores (which I don’t think it will), you can just put this on for 10-15 minutes then rinse it off and moisturize with your regular moisturizer.

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