Review: OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! 

Hope you’re either having a comfy, snuggly, warm, lovely day – or a fiesty one!
Today’s post will be my review of the latest OPI nail polish collection inspired by the hotly anticipated film adaptation of the worldwide bestselling book by E L James, Fifty Shades of Grey, with more than 100 million copies sold to date.
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey
Available from last month, the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection includes six new limited edition nail lacquers, five of which are different shades of grey, and one of which is a sultry, rich red shade. They also come in a variety of textures!
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)
I was sent three shades to try: Embrace The GrayMy Silk Tie, and Romantically Involved, and am very pleased by the quality and colors.
Read on for my review and shade comparisons.
Disclaimer: This product was sent for review, however, all opinions expressed are unbiased and are of my own. 
No commissions are received from purchases based on this review.

The collection was created to capture the mood, feelings and emotions of the film, hence the assorted hues of gray, ranging from “glittering and gleaming silvers to cool gray crèmes to dark charcoal” and “a rich crème red to represent passion”.
“Color is so much more than something to admire. 
[They] represent our personalities, our moods, our feelings. 
The collection bottles the film’s passion, luxury and power in six beautiful nail lacquers ideal for expressing sensuality through beauty.”
– Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador 
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey
L – R: My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved, Embrace The Gray
I wanted to wear all three shades all at once (because I don’t have time to do them separately – LOL), so I created an ombrè look using Embrace The Gray as a base and My Silk Tie on the tip, and one feature nail using Romantically Involved.
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)
OPI Fifty Shades of Grey (Embrace The Gray, My Silk Tie, Romantically Involved)

Please excuse my hideous cuticles! Typical life with baby – I rarely have time to tidy them up. I don’t even groom my brows anymore!

OPI “Romantically Involved”

“I’m in a deep relationship with this luscious crme red.”
This is the only red shade in the collection and it’s a warm, earth-toned red. It’s got a crme texture with a pure, glossy finish – no shimmers, metallics, glitter – just pure color.
OPI "Romantically Involved"
OPI “Romantically Involved”
Application was easy and the rather thin brush made it easy to get to the corners without creating a mess. It is completely opaque after two coats. I tried using a third coat just to see if it would darken the shade but the tone remained the same even after the third coat, meaning it reaches its maximum opacity and tone after two coats, which is great!
OPI Romantically Involved, MECCA Cosmetica Song, Deborah Lippmann Lady Is A Tramp, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Dig Fig
L – R: OPI “Romantically Involved”, MECCA Cosmetica “Song”,
Deborah Lippmann “Lady Is A Tramp”, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Dig Fig”.
I tried finding similar shades in my collection and found three that are quite similar. MECCA Cosmetica’s Song is much more orange and light. Deborah Lippmann’s Lady Is A Tramp is a tad lighter and cooler toned, but is the most similar. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Dig Fig is darker and has more brown hues in it.

OPI “Embrace The Gray”

“Let this chic, moody gray crme become one with you.”
This is another crème textured one and is a plain, bluish mid-tone gray. I think this type of gray would suit any skintone without making the skin look dull. It’s a very versatile and neutral color. I love it so much.

It’s completely opaque after two coats too and an additional coat did not change the color.

OPI "Embrace The Gray"
OPI “Embrace The Gray”
I don’t own a lot of grays because when it comes to polishes, I’m more into brighter, colorful, fun ones! (Complete opposite when it comes to makeup, though!)
So these are the only grays I have in my collection. There’s nothing comparable to it in my collection, which is why I love it!

OPI “My Silk Tie”

“This silky, gleaming silver has got me all tied up.”
OPI "My Silk Tie"
This beauty is a pure silver shade and is the only one with a metallic, chrome finish. It’s so beautiful! However, application can be a bit tricky. If you’re not fast enough, brush strokes can be very visible. It’s better to apply one thick layer in two quick strokes rather than a few thin layers with multiple strokes.
I love how, even when applied with a sponge, the payoff is still amazing!
OPI "My Silk Tie"
OPI “My Silk Tie”
I don’t currently own anything like it in my collection, which is why I love this one the most. I love how soft the ombre looks on my nails!
So, I think this collection is so lovely – OPI had done a fantastic job in making shades of gray captivating instead of boring. I love the quality, variety of shades and textures, and its names (although I would’ve loved to see a shade named “Lucky Charlie Tango” haha). I think they represent the movie well.
As for the drying time for these, I actually used the Seche Vite Top Coat, and I think the top coat is the reason why they dry out so fast. I could start moving about, doing stuff without worrying about budging my polishes after about a whole minute or two.
These retail for AU$19.95 each, or AU$29.95 for a pack of all 6 shades in mini sizes. They are available in selected MYER, David Jones, Sephora stores and selected salons.
Well, as with all my nail polish reviews, I will be updating this post to report on how the polishes held up after a few days (or week, I hope!). But so far, I’m loving it. So, stay tuned!

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