Vestige Verdant Skincare Review

Are you looking for an exotic, organic, luxurious skincare line? Vestige Verdant is an award-winning organic Estonian skincare brand that implements the highest quality unique organic ingredients.

A couple of months ago, I received a package containing Vestige Verdant products. I’ve never heard of the brand before, so I was really nervous to try them out as my skin can be pretty hard to please especially when trying out new products, but I’m glad I tried them out.

Check out my Vestige Verdant Skincare Review below.

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review.




AVAILABLE FROM: Vestige Verdant (15 ml 62.00€)

The bottle is very sturdy and pretty heavy, which gives off a very luxurious vibe (which I love!) and it comes with a roller ball applicator.

We have created this ultralight eye serum to deeply moisturise, diminish puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles and to reduce the dark circles around your eyes. A true combination of natures gifts and high-end technology, designed to make you look and feel younger by reducing wrinkles up to 45% within 2 months.
– Vestige Verdant

The consistency of the serum is very thin, almost like a water-based lotion. I really like how it moisturizes the eye area, but I find that it takes a bit too long to be fully absorbed into the skin, which is why I mainly use this at night. I simply don’t have the patience to wait for it to dry up before applying my foundation and concealer. However, on days when I won’t be wearing makeup, I do like putting this on!

It’s amazing how it can be so moisturizing despite its thin and watery consistency.



AVAILABLE FROM: Vestige Verdant (50 ml 46.00€/100 ml 68.00€)

Again, the packaging is substantial and luxurious, which I have no complaints about, but I do have to warn you, because this comes in a jar packaging, be careful not to tilt the jar when you open it as the black liquid from the mask separates from the creamier part of it (you know, kind of like yogurt?) and in my experience the liquid spilled all over the sink when I first opened it.

The deep cleansing organic peat mask will rid your skin of harmful ingredients, tighten your skin and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. It is designed to heal allergic and overly sensitive skin, boost blood circulation, decrease greasiness and acne and restore the natural pH level of healthy skin.
– Vestige Verdant

One thing you won’t fail to notice when opening the lid of the jar is the scent. Oh, gosh it smells awful, but it should smell that way since it is a peat mask and peat moss smells that way. It’s not supposed to smell like roses.

Made from extremely rare organic peat untouched for thousands of years and filled with reinvigorating bioactive ingredients with the highest organic detox abilities known to modern day science, we can proudly claim it to be the most effective face mask out there.
– Vestige Verdant

The mask goes on very dark brown, almost black, but after about a minute it would turn into a lighter shade of brown, and once my whole face turns brown I’d take it as the cue to wash it off. It usually takes about 3-5 minutes. I like keeping it on for a bit longer though!

I like rinsing it off with warm water, just with my fingers for a few seconds, then finishing off with a damp washcloth. Make sure you get a dark-colored wash cloth if you’d like to remove the mask with a cloth, as the color is pretty dark and might be difficult to wash off of light colored cloths.

The results? Simply smoother and brighter skin! Note that bright doesn’t mean white, or fair – it simply adds radiance. My skin type is considered dry, so I often struggle with dullness. I like using this once a week as it has really helped brighten up my whole complexion.



AVAILABLE FROM: Vestige Verdant (30 ml 58.00€)

This is, hands down, my favorite product out of the bunch. I continue to use this day and night, usually before my moisturizer. I love that this is non-comedogenic (will not clog the pores), and it does not contain parabens, carcinogens or mineral oils.58.00

Deep moisturising, soothing and reinvigorating Rare Oil Blend will provide you with an even complexion, softness of cashmere and a healthy glow. It will protect you from the sun and the cold whilst loading your skin with vitamins and organic nutrients.

Made from five rare oils of the highest quality: Neroli Oil from Italy, Patchouli Oil from Indonesia, Carrot Seed Oil from Nepal, Sea-Buckthorn Oil from Germany and Argan Oil from Morocco. All ingredients are sourced from certified organic farmers that follow fair trade principles. Cold pressed to perfection, thus ensuring you get all the health and beauty benefits of these amazing oils.
– Vestige Verdant

As with the eye serum, this comes with a roller ball applicator, it’s actually cooling on the skin, thus relaxing, and it dispenses the perfect amount of oil – not too much, not too little. This way, the oil also isn’t exposed to their air, making the ingredients far more stable.

I love the feel of it after it sinks in, and it sinks in pretty fast. It has a soft, silky finish on the skin, not at all goopy, thick or tacky. My skin usually gets easily dehydrated, but I find that my skin is able to hold in the moisture and hydration much better and longer with this oil in my routine, and because my skin is less dehydrated, I’m breaking out less.

I will definitely be repurchasing this one.



How can I tell if I really like a product? I’d travel without it for a while and would miss it so much!

I was in Japan for ten days and heck, I wish I would’ve at least packed the Vestige Verdant Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil with me! I couldn’t though because we were backpacking and had to travel really, really light, but my skin was so dehydrated and I am excited to be reunited with my Vestige Verdant family again.

I like the Facial Mask and Eye Serum too, but one thing I would highly, highly recommend is the Vestige Verdant Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil!




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