YSL Volupté Tint-In-Balm Review

The new YSL Volupté Tint-In-Balm is a “sheer glowing color with melt-on-the-mouth nourishing care, leaving a kiss of tint for instant color glow and lasting lip care.”

So it’s basically a super nourishing tinted lip balm in luxurious YSL Volupté packaging.

Is it worth it though?

Check out my thoughts and swatches below!



You’ll see a lip shape at the center of the bullet with a different color. What’s that?

At the lip-shaped heart of the bullet, a continuous core comes courtesy of the new “double back” technology. Two formulas with two different textures are back injected into the bullet to deliver a dual performing formula with a groundbreaking YSL Beauté finish.

This tinted lip balm basically contains two different formulae (a nourishing lip balm and a tint, I guess?) but blends together nicely upon application to create an incredibly moisturizing lip color.

It’s certainly moisturizing and slippery-creamy, but not at all goopy or uncomfortable in any way.



These are available in 12 shades and divided into 3 categories:

  1. Me But Flirtier (Nude, Pink, Rose, Coral)
  2. Me But Sexier (Orange and Reds)
  3. Me But Hotter (Watermelon, Magenta, Crimson, Hot Pink)

I received shade No. 8 (Catch Me Orange), described as a “thrill of the chase amber”.

The shade looks intimidatingly neon orange in the packaging but it actually translates into a pretty soft and wearable orange.

I like that it’s not too sheer that it looks nonexistent, but also not too pigmented that it’s difficult to apply without a mirror. I applied this first thing in the morning without a mirror and look at how clean it looks. Kinda overdrew a bit but it’s barely noticeable!




I took the photo below about two hours after I took the first photo (above). It still looks untouched! Please excuse my puffy no-makeup no-contacts morning face LOL.

The glossiness and shine has worn off a bit but the color is still there. Most importantly, my lips still felt moisturized!

YSL claims that the more you reapply during the day, the more the lasting tint effect intensifies on your lips! I find this to be the case! Unlike lipsticks in general, you don’t have to remove the remaining lip color before reapplying. You can just build it up and keep layering throughout the day and it won’t crumble or flake or look patchy or chunky.


Final Verdict

This retails for A$57 – it is expensive! However, I think it’s worth every penny. The packaging is stunning and the color lasts all day if you keep reapplying (no need to remove remaining lip color!). I’m definitely getting more shades!

Are you? 😉



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