I’m a wifey, mommy of two-and-a-furbaby, and a former-makeup-artist-now-beauty-blogger. ♥

I gave up my job of being a makeup artist mostly because I wanted to spend more time with my babies, but also because my family and I are now bicontinental.

We live in both Melbourne, Australia and Bloomington, Indiana. We’d typically spend the first half of the year in Australia, and fly to the States in the fall. We also visit our home country Jakarta, Indonesia a lot!

In between all the traveling and motherhood shenanigans, I love playing around with beauty products and talk about them on my blog and socials. I just love having a creative outlet!


What on earth is a Bucketeer, you ask?


My dearest Maltese x Shih-Tzu furbaby “Bucket” is my blog’s namesake, but Bucketeer doesn’t have any particular meaning.

A Musketeer is a soldier in French, so I’m guessing Bucket is a beauty troop? It’s open to interpretation! 🙂

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Illustrated by Brie Tomasetti of Brie Design & Illustration.