Why, hello there! I’m Stephanie!


I’m a law-graduate-turned-business-woman and a certified makeup artist,




A wife and a mother of two (plus one furbaby),





And a beauty & lifestyle blogger.

(You can find my mommy blog over at Mommy Bucketeer!)






I am based in Melbourne, Australia but I also live in Jakarta, Indonesia.





What will you find here?

This blog will mainly be about beauty and fashion, of course. I write product reviews, tips and tricks, and other stuff you will enjoy!

But I can’t deny my love and passion for everything motherhood, pregnancy, interior, culinary and travel…

So I do have another blog called Mommy Bucketeer for all that!



What on earth is a Bucketeer, you ask?

My dearest 5-year-old Maltese x Shih-Tzu furbaby “Bucket” is my blog’s namesake. I love him so much I wanted to name my blog after him, but since Beauty Bucket or Beauty Bucket List, I randomly chose “Bucketeer” instead.

bucketeerIt doesn’t have any particular meaning, “Bucket” simply integrates into “Musketeer” effortlessly because “Bucket” rhymes with “Musket”.

A Musketeer is a soldier in French, so I’m guessing Bucket is a beauty troop? It’s open to interpretation! 😀

Follow Bucket on Instagram at @babybucketeer!

I hope you will join me in my quest to experiment with new products and discover hidden beauty secrets.


HUGE THANKS to Brie Tomasetti of Brie Design & Illustration for the adorable illustrations!