Sigma Sigmagic Brushampoo & Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa Review

Sigma Sigmagic Brushampoo & Sigma Dry 'N Shape Spa Review

Sigma just continues to wow me with their product innovations. First, their brush cleansing gloves, which I’ve reviewed here, and now their new groundbreaking gadget – the Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa! Sigma has also just released their very first brush shampoo, wittily named the Sigmagic Brushampoo, which is my new obsession!

Check out my reviews for both the Sigma Dry’N Shape Spa and Sigmagic Brushampoo below!

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Sigmagic Brushampoo Review

This brush shampoo is hands down the best brush shampoo I’ve ever tried. Ever. I’ve never used a brush shampoo that gets rid of all pigment and dirt this fast with only a tiny squirt of product!

SigMagic™ Brushampoo™ is a groundbreaking product created to take brush care to the next level. Using 100% natural virgin coconut and palm oil, this cleanser effectively dissolves product build-up, oil residue and harmful bacteria to enhance the functionality of brushes.

This shampoo has thin, runny texture it’s basically soap water, but once you start swirling your brush on textured surface it foams up really well! It foams up so much better than the Daiso brush cleansers.

Sigma Dry 'N Shape Spa Review

I personally prefer this to my holy grail Daiso brush shampoo and the Real Techniques because way less product is needed. I swear I finished up a whole bottle of the Real Techniques one in just two brush-cleansing sessions!

Face brushes only require one to two pumps of product, while smaller eye and precision brushes require only half a pump. I actually wash 3-4 eye brushes at once and only require one pump for them. I’m sure this 150 ml bottle will last me ages!

Sigma Sigmagic Brushampoo Review

This shampoo also cleans incredibly well. I photographed the before and after states of a white-bristled face brush to demonstrate how effective this shampoo is – look at how squeaky clean and white the brush is after cleansing! It only took a few seconds and a few swirls on the Sigma Dry ‘N Shape surface to get it that clean.

One bottle contains 150 ml of product and retails for US$15, which is such a great price considering one a tiny bit of product goes a long way. I would definitely repurchase this time and time again!


Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa Review

The Sigma Dry’n Shape® Spa has three parts: the SigmaSnap™ (top and bottom parts that hold wet brushes to dry) and the Sigma Dry’n Shape (the textured surface in the middle for brush cleansing).

The Sigma Snap is a new product by Sigma that securely holds each brush handle in place (top part of the Sigma Dry ‘N Shape) with elastic bands that provide the necessary pressure to bristles to re-shape them upside down while quickly and efficiently removing water from every bristle, drying them so much quicker.

The Sigma Dry’n Shape Spa was designed to clean, dry, and reshape brushes using one innovative gadget. Combining the best of SigmaSpa®’s patented textures and Sigma Dry’n Shape® Tower technology, the Sigma Dry’n Shape® Spa brings a new level of efficiency to brush care. The compact design and universal fit make it ideal for travel and holds up to 18 brushes at one time.



Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa:

  1. WASH:
    1. Remove Bases – Twist off Sigma Dry’N Shape® (A) and SigmaSnap™ (B) bases for brush cleaning and set aside (keep pieces (A) and (B) dry during brush cleaning).
    2. Wash Brushes – Swirl wet, soapy brush fibers against the WASH, REFINE and RINSE cleaning textures on the pink cylindrical core. Note respective FACE and EYE textures.
    3. Assemble – When ready to dry clean brushes, twist on bases (A) and (B) using the labeled guide dots to properly align. Hold the cylindrical core of the gadget when attaching or detaching bases.
  2. DRY:
    1. Dry Eye Brushes – Once the gadget is fully assembled, begin the drying process by placing the handles of small brushes in the SigmaSnap™ on the inner circle of the SigmaSnap™ base (B) with brush head downward, toward the Sigma Dry’N Shape® base (A).
    2. Dry Face Brushes – For larger brushes, insert brush handle through the smallest elastic band that it will fit into and secure handle into the corresponding SigmaSnap™. Allow brushes to dry in the Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa with bristles pointing down to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the ferrule.
    1. Secure Elastic Band Around Brush Head – Brush head should be tightly secured and centered within the elastic band. By doing so, dry time is dramatically reduced and brush bristles are formed back to their natural shape and direction.


Sigma Dry’n Shape

The Sigma Dry’n Shape is the middle part with textured surfaces for brush cleansing. It has four types of surfaces:

  1. Wash Face for face brushes (e.g. foundation, kabuki, powder, and cheek brushes)
  2. Wash Eyes for eye brushes (e.g. blending, pencil, angled brushes)
  3. Refine for a more refined cleansing
  4. Rinse to help rinse off all the soap and dirt residue

I find the labels to be very helpful!


I personally like holding this so much better than the gloves, reviewed here, for some reason. I think it’s because it doesn’t slip off of my grip easily.


Sigma Snap

The Sigma Snap is my favorite feature from the Sigma Dry’n Shape Spa! I love how you can wash and dry the brushes in one go. Look how handy this is! I couldn’t fit all my brushes in there coz I had a ton of brushes to wash, but I found that the brushes that were held inside the elastic bands dried up so much faster than the brushes that were simply air-dried.


The best thing is, this only retails for US$29 – how incredibly affordable is that!


Final Verdict

I’ve never been happier and more in love with brush cleansing shampoo and gadgets before – this just changed my life for the better. It made my brush cleansing and drying routine so much faster!

I highly recommend the Sigma Dry’N Shape® Spa and Sigmagic Brushampoo, even if you’re just a beginner with makeup because it’s so easy to use, helps maintain your brushes’ shape, is so affordable, and saves time!


Beauty Bucketeer Approved


Disclaimer: These products were generously provided by Sigma Beauty for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review. Post may contain affiliate links.

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