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Top 10 Best Sigma Brushes

Sigma brushes, hands down, are some of the best makeup brushes in the market today. They have such a huge fanbase not only because of the quality of their brushes, but for their affordable prices. They often have discounts and promotions so I’d highly recommend getting them when they’re on sale.

If you’re not sure which brushes to get, I’ve laid out my favorite brushes below, which I think every makeup lover, novice or pro,  should have! The brushes featured here are individual brushes, but they are included in kits too! I will be featuring my favorite kits at the end of the post too, so make sure you check that out!

Disclaimer: Some of these products were personally purchased, but some were generously provided by Sigma Beauty for consideration. All opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review. Post may contain affiliate links.

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This has got to be the most versatile, and my most-used, eye brush.

I love using this to apply transition colors on the crease and to blend darker shades in the outer corner of the eyes. This is often the only brush I use when I’m in a rush – it can do almost everything eye-makeup related and is often the only eye brush I bring with me when traveling.

This is the Sigma equivalent of MAC’s oh-so-famous 217 blending brush, but for a fraction of the price. MAC’s is $25, whilst this is $14.

Sigma often gives travel-sized E25 brushes as a gift-with-purchase so keep an eye out! These come in so handy when travelling!


E30 PENCIL BRUSH ($14)E30_Copper_2_750x750

For immaculate precision, I highly recommend this brush. They’re firm and sturdy, but soft enough that it doesn’t hurt the eyes.

I love using this brush to apply contour/dark eyeshadows in the outer corners before blending them with a blending brush.

I also love using this to apply shadows in the lower lashline. The shadows are beautifully diffused and cleanly applied.




This is slightly fluffier than the E25 brush. It has a rounder top whereas the E25 sort of has a slimmer top.

I love using this to blend eyeshadows in the outer corners and crease area, and I love using this clean for sort of a finishing, blending touch!

This is included in all Essentials Kits because it’s such an essential!


E75 ANGLED BROW BRUSH ($16)E75_Copper_2_750x750

I seriously hate angled brushes that are flimsy and easily bend – this makes application rather messy and difficult. But I also dislike ones that are so firm that they feel sharp on the skin.

This brush is hands down the best angled brush for brows and gel liner. It’s firm and doesn’t bend easily, making precise application a breeze, but is also very soft on the skin.

This is my go-to brush for gel liner application, and it’s also amazing for brow pomeade!



3DHD PRECISION ($19) 3DHDPrecision_Copper_White_2_750x750

This brush is a multifunctional brush designed for smaller areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle.

I’m obsessed with this brush! My under eye area is very deep and indented so concealer application can be a bit tricky – ever since I had this brush, application has never been easier! The sharp tapered top makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach areas.


F05 SMALL CONTOUR BRUSH ($21)F05_Copper_2_750x750

This brush has a small, dense rounded brush head – perfect to fluff out and blend powder products. It’s best used for contouring the cheekbones with powder blushes and bronzers using a buffing, circular motion to blend contour shades.

I also like applying powder highlighters on the tops of the cheekbones with this brush.

It’s so soft and fluffy, and its small, rounded head makes precise application in the hollows of the cheeks so easy.




This is, hands down, my favorite brush in the whole wide world. I never travel without this brush.

It’s named “Tapered Highlighter” but I use it for almost everything face-related! I use it to apply setting powder (its small, tapered top makes it easy to get into the lower inner corners of the under eyes), highlighter, and even bronzer (for contouring the cheeks and nose).

It’s the most multifunctional brush in my kit and is best used with powder products.


F40 LARGE ANGLED CONTOUR BRUSH (from $15.40)F40_Copper_2_750x750

One of my top staples for blush application is definitely this brush!

It’s very soft and fluffy, and its angled brush head with soft, round edges makes blush application precise.

This brush is best used with powder products such as blush or bronzer on the cheekbones for the perfect diffused contour.

This is such a staple in everyone’s makeup kit that it’s also part of the Essentials Kit!




This brush has a large and soft brush head, and was designed to be used with cream or liquid products to conceal large areas of the face such as the cheeks and forehead.

This is such a staple for me on days when I want to skip foundation – I simply apply concealer on large areas of the face that needs concealing and highlighting and blend it away with this brush.

This is also amazing to blend cream highlight and contour creams with!



F80_Copper_2_750x750Last but certainly not least, Sigma’s signature Flat Kabuki Brush is seriously the best innovation in the makeup world today. Foundation blending and application has never been easier and smoother.

They have five different types of foundation kabuki brushes with a variety of brush heads, and my favorites are this flat one and the one with the rounded top.

If you want to experience all types of foundation kabuki brushes, opt for the kit which includes all 5 brushes!



…and here are my favorite kits and brush sets from Sigma! This is a great way to save money on individual brushes!

For a review on the Sigma Essential Kit, click here.


Let me know what your favourite Sigma brushes are!



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