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    Move for Movember!

    Did you know that our fathers, brothers and friends face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about? Men all over the world are dying too young and some of the deaths are actually preventable!

    The goal of the Movember Movement is to encourage men to be more aware of their health, be it physical or mental, and to be more active so as to improve their health and wellbeing. By being more aware of their health, family history and health lifestyle, illnesses like cancer can be detected earlier, thus reducing the number of preventable deaths.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the phrase:

    Grow a mo, save a bro.

    Men are growing out their mo’s (or moustaches) in November as part of the Movember movement, but how can women support Movember? We for sure can’t grow mo’s!

    Read on to find out 😉

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    Babyliss Duoflex 770 Review

    Summer is right around the corner for us in the Southern Hemisphere! Yes, it’s hard to comprehend for us Melburnians as the weather has been nothing like Spring (let alone Summer) – it was freaking 8 degrees the other day, but believe it or not, Summer is merely weeks away!

    So it’s time for us to finally get beach-ready!

    Now that we’ll soon be showing more skin, an epilator is a must-have beauty tool as it effectively and quickly plucks away hair, not just merely shave them, without much pain. One I’ve really been enjoying lately is the Babyliss Duoflex 770 Cordless Epilator.

    BaByliss Duoflex 770 Cordless Epilator is an epilator that efficiently removes the maximum amount of hair in one pass. It features flexible dual epilation heads and 60 V-shaped tweezers for quick, gentle epilation. It offers two times faster and more effective hair removal for enhanced skin softness. The device offers reduced sensitivity and optimal coverage.

    This works twice as fast and twice as effective than a standard single head epilator!

    Check out my review of BaByliss Duoflex 770 Cordless Epilator below.

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    Pregnancy Handbag Essentials

    Pregnancy Handbag Essentials

    Carrying a 3 kg baby in your belly 24/7 is pretty darn tiring, and having to carry around additional weights from your handbag or purse can be such a burden which is why it’s important to streamline the contents of your bag and choose a bag that’s very lightweight.

    My favorite type of bag are sling or crossbody bags because they’re small and lightweight, and they stay on your shoulders and won’t slide off. My favorite bag at the moment is the Rebecca Minkoff Five Zip Mini Crossbody, which unfortunately is no longer available, but the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Convertible Crossbody Bags are just as great!

    As for the contents…

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    10 Features of a “Perfect Family Car”

    Ford Kuga Family SUV

    I’m on my final stretch of pregnancy and so my husband and I have been contemplating on getting a larger car for our expanding family. Lucky for us, Ford Australia reached out and offered to let us try their Ford Kuga, their 5-seater small family SUV, for a few days.

    We decided to go on a staycation around Melbourne (since I don’t want to go too far away from where my hospital is!) and this made me realize how perfect this car is for an expanding family and for use during pregnancy as it had all my requirements for a “perfect family car”, especially during pregnancy, checked off!

    So what do we pregnant-with-a-toddler (or toddlers) mommas look for in a car?

    Basically space and convenience, amirite?

    Well, the Ford Kuga offers both, and so much more. Read more