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All products reviewed or mentioned on this blog were purchased by me, unless otherwise stated.



If you are a brand or PR agency interested in sending me products, services or samples for review, please note that all opinions expressed will be 100% unbiased and honest. Compensations of any kind will not affect my opinions.

If I am not happy with a product, I will contact the brand or agency representative to ask for the permission to post an honest review. If permission is declined, no review or mention of the product will be made on the blog.




As bloggers, we often receive products from various companies and PR agencies to review. There are two types of “freebies” we get: gifts and collaborations.

Gifts and samples are products that were sent with no strings attached, brands and PR agencies send these out just to raise awareness of their new releases and bloggers aren’t pushed to post about or even mention them, and I personally just post about ones that I really enjoyed and ones that are worth mentioning. (For example: Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint Review)

On my social media, these posts are marked as [ PR Sample ].



Collaborations are a bit different in that the free products were received as “payment” for the post, so there is an agreement between the blogger and brand/agency for us to receive the products for free in exchange for a review. (For example: Vestige Verdant Skincare Review)

Most of the collaborations I’ve been involved in have been positive, but there were certain cases where the products didn’t work for me. In these cases, I would contact the brand representative or agent and ask for their permission to publish my honest review. If they decline, I would abstain from posting anything about the product(s) out of respect for the brand/company.

On my social media, these posts are marked as [ Collab ].



Posts where a brand or PR agency pays me for a product review or mention are marked as sponsored. (For example: Pantene Pro-V “3 Minute Miracle” Conditioner Review)

I always decline sponsorship offers for products that I know I will not like or use, like teeth whitening products, vitamins or slimming teas. I will only accept sponsorship opportunities from brands I trust, and for products that I know I, or my readers, will enjoy and benefit from.

As with my collaborations, in cases where I have agreed to a sponsorship but the product(s) doesn’t work for me, I will ask the brand or agency for their permission to post an honest review, or I would have to pass on posting a review of the product(s) completely. When this happens, I will not receive payment.

I don’t rely on my blog for my income, so declining sponsored posts don’t mean much to me. What matters most is my honesty and integrity as my readers’ trust is of utmost importance.

On my social media, these posts are marked as [ Spon ] or [ Ad ].



Just like when a sales associate helps us buy clothes and makeup in store, I may earn a small amount of commission from sales of products that were linked through my blog. This basically means that if you purchase something from a link that you clicked on on my blog, I may receive a very small percentage of commission from your purchase. There are NO additional costs for you if you buy through my links or widgets as my commission is deducted from the total amount of money the retailer receives, so you are not paying anything additional by using affiliate links.

All posts that contain affiliate links will also contain a disclaimer.



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