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USA Haul: My Mall Box US Package Forwarding Review

Ever wanted anything from the States that can’t be shipped to your country? myMallBox is a mail or package forwarding company that ships packages from the States to any country in the world, and I’m pleased to write up a very positive review about my experience with them.

Not only were they the cheapest, they also had no hidden fees: meaning zero registration, membership, consolidation, sales tax and insurance fees. So I only ended up paying for my shipping fees!

Check out my thoughts on the myMallBox package forwarding service below:

How Does It Work?

Upon registration, you will be given a suite number in their warehouse (basically your own US address!) and you can start shopping and sending items to your suite number straight away!

If there are stores that don’t accept International credit cards, you can ask a personal shopper to shop the items for you. They charge a $4.50 Handling fee & a 3% Transaction fee – that’s it, nothing else. By comparison, Shop and Box charges up to 14% in service fees (plus tax). I didn’t use their Buy For Me service because all of the stores I bought from accepted international payments.

Once your packages arrive, they will be listed in your account. I love how detailed the item descriptions are so you know exactly which item it is that has arrived. Once everything has arrived, I simply checked all the boxes and had them consolidated into one box. It takes a few hours for them to be consolidated.

After the consolidation process is finished, I simply chose the shipping method (DHL for US$89) and checked out – that’s it! Four days later my box arrived. 🙂

So, so simple with zero hidden fees!

My Box

Here’s a look at what’s in my box:

I initially wanted to use their services to buy things from Sephora (as mentioned in my Sephora VIB Sale: My Purchases & All-Time Favorites post), but actually didn’t end up getting anything from Sephora (looong story, but the fault is on Sephora). Oh, well. However, I’m so ecstatic that I finally got to get my hands on Ittsē palettes, which I’ve been dreaming about for a while now!

I ended up having them shipped in a huge box because I didn’t just purchase makeup, I had to get some baby stuff too! Hehe. Here’s a list of the things I purchased:

  1. Ittsē:
    • 2 x magnetic palettes
    • 1 x blush
  2. Milani Cosmetics:
    • 4 x blushes
    • 3 x sample sachets
  3. Amazon:

The things I ordered from Amazon can’t be shipped to Australia, which is why I decided to just have them shipped to my MyMallBox suite.

How much did I pay?

I ended up paying US$89 for my box to be shipped. The weight is 6.40 lbs (3 kg) and the dimensions are 12.00 x 8.00 x 16.00 inches (approx. 30.5 x 20.5 x 40.5 cm).

Look at how huge these power strip covers are!

How does it compare?

It’s crazy how, for US$89, I get to have two huge power strip covers and other stuff shipped along with it, while MyUS charged me a similar amount just to ship tiny makeup products that weighed less than 2 kgs.

It was even worse with Shipito. I ended up having to pay more than A$1,000 for just makeup, can you believe it? Most of it is from custom taxes because with Shipito, we can’t modify the declared value of the products. (We can with My Mall Box!) I’m forever traumatized by Shipito and will never recommend anyone to use their services.

By comparison, my friend had to pay almost US$100 in shipping and service fees for just 6 makeup products using Shop and Box. This is because they can’t let you purchase the products yourself and you can only shop through a personal shopper.

Here’s a table that will let you see the price differences between myMallBox and other package forwarding companies. I’ve used MyUS and Shipito and honestly wish I’ve used myMallBox instead.


Final Verdict

It’s obvious I’m more than happy with my shopping experience through myMallBox and I can’t recommend their services enough. The whole process was so smooth I didn’t have to contact Customer Services for any issue. I will surely continue to use their services whenever I need to get something in the States that can’t be shipped here.

Have you ever used package forwarding services before? How was your experience?


Disclaimer: myMallBox gave me some credit toward shipping fees but all products were personally purchased.


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