Maybelline Color Blur Cream Matte Pencil Review


I’ve had these bad boys since August, but I haven’t really tested them out until earlier this month when I received an email from Maybelline Australia that these will be released in Australia early next year! I somehow totally forgot that I already had them, so when I got the email it reminded me of them and I immediately took ’em out and played with them.

So here’s my Maybelline Color Blur Cream Matte Pencil review for the shades 45 Make Me Blush and 50 I Like To Mauve It.

What are they?

First question that popped up in my head when I spotted them at CVS. They seemed intriguing but I had no idea whether they were lip pencils, lip crayons, or just plain ‘ol lipstick.

So apparently these are dual-ended, vivid-colored matte lip pencils with a blurring smudged on one end that are meant to create a blurred/stained lip look, which is currently a huge trend in Asia.

This is what the smudger looks like – it’s a white silicon smudge with a tapered end.

Maybelline Color Blur (4)

The melting matte formula of the lip pencils is so smooth and velvety, making it easy to blend out and create a diffused, blurred look.

Maybelline Color Blur (5)

The shades that I have are 45 I’m Blushing , a dark rosy mauve, and 50 I Like To Mauve It, a light mauve shade, which is the lightest out of the whole range.



How to achieve this look? Simply apply the lip color on the centre of the lips and use the smudger on the other end to diffuse and blend out the color.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.52.13 AM

But that’s how you apply it by-the-book.

Another way you can apply this, which is how I’ve been applying it, is to apply a darker color on the edges of the lips, and use the smudged to blend it inwards. Then I’ll apply the lighter color on the centre of the lips and purse my lips a couple of times to blend them together. I’ll also use the smudger to help blur away any harsh lines between the two colors. I also make sure to blot off any excess to make sure it doesn’t transfer or budge around.

Maybelline Color Blur (3)

This creates a gorgeous ombre look on the lips! This was taken after a meal though, so it looks rather patchy, but the colors are still very vivid!


Formula & Longevity

The formula of the lip pencils are very creamy and smooth, and once it sets on the lips, it DOES. NOT. BUDGE. It stains the lips for good. Which is a good thing because longevity is remarkable – about 5-6 hours with food and drinks. Sometimes even up to 7 hours!



These are so far my favourite Maybelline lip products ever and I’ve tried everything lip-related from Maybelline. I love how we can create a wide range of lip looks with these pencils, whether it be an ombre look or a soft, diffused, blurred look.

I’m so excited that these are finally available in Australia!

These retail for US$8.99 in US drugstores and Ulta and AU$17.95 in Australian pharmacies and selected department stores.


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