Review: Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer & Matte Balms

These twist-up jumbo-sized pencil colored lipbalms certainly tickle my fancy! For the price, I think it’s certainly worth it, and I even like it more than the Tarte LipSurgence lip tints, which is about 2-3x the price of these ones!

I would love to show you guys how they swatch on my lips but my lips are currently very dry and chapped – been slacking on using lip treatments overnight and have been sleeping with the heater on all night, plus the crazy winter chills and pregnancy hormones! I will start treating my lips tonight and will post the lip swatches once I can.

Anyway, these balms come in two finishes: lacquer (glossy, moisture balms) and matte (velvety, matte moisture balms). The lacquers are definitely more sheer at first swipe, but its intensities are buildable and some of them leave a stain on the lips when they wear off. The mattes are seriously opaque but so easy to work with and does not dry out my lips.

These have a slighlty minty scent and tingles on my lips for a short while, but certainly not irritating at all – maybe it’s the hydrating ingredient? I wouldn’t say these could replace or function as “lipbalms, I just see them as moisturizing lip colors.

All in all I was really impressed with these. I find that these last a whole lot longer on lips that are smooth and well-moisturized, not dry/flakey lips!

Read on to see the individual reviews.

Oh, btw when I did the shoot for these balms I only had 5, but I recently purchased another one of the Lacquer Balms in the shade Coquette! The review for this one will be at the very end.

1. Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm: 120 Vivacious

This was one of the shades I was most excited about! Vivacious is a warm, reddish hot pink with a quite opaque, glossy/high-shine finish.

Since this has a rather sheer opacity, the color will translate differently on different people, depending on their natural lip color. The skin on my arm is a bit fair so that’s why the shade looks like a vibrant, bright pink. My natural lip color is a bit on the darker side, so this shade looked more like a warm, dark (pinky) red rather than a vibrant hot pink.

This shade, unlike the other two lacquers I purchased have no shimmer/glitter particles at all.

It lasted for a good 4 hours (fading a bit by the second/third hourbut there was still a slight residue of gloss by the fourth), but could probably last a bit longer, it’s just that I was so hungry by the 4th hour mark I had to eat! :p But even after eating, I notice that this balm left a slight pinky stain on the lips.

I would give this a 4/5 just one point off because I’m not a big fan of the shade on me, but otherwise a very nice, smooth, creamy (but light!) formula.

2. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm: 210 Unapologetic

Unapologetic is another one I was intrigued by. The finish is an interesting velvety matte and the shade is a vibrant reddish coral, and under certain lighting kind of looks like a reddish orange neon.

This applies very smoothly and there was no tugging at all, unlike some other matte lip products. The texture is thin though, unlike lipbalms in general, but the pigmentation is remarkable even at first swipe on the lips.

To make it last longer, I always apply a few layers and lightly blot the excess on a tissue paper. This lasts around 4-5 hours but will immediately fade once I start eating.

Sadly I can only use this on days when my lips are smooth and well-exfoliated, not dry and even slightly chapped. Throughout the day it can get a bit dryer and may cling on to dry flakes on the lips. If your lips are chapped or uneven, this might accentuate the flakes and unevenness of the lip surface. The shade just ends up looking blotchy and uneven on the lips. So, again, I personally never use this on days when my lips are chapped, which I think is a loss because this product is called a “balm” and conventional balms should be able to treat, or at least accomodate, dry lips!

I would give this a 3.5/5 because the application was so smooth and I like how the color translates on my lips, but 1.5 point off for being very unfriendly to chapped lips!

3. Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm: 115 Whimsical

This is a shade I would probably only use in the fall or winter. Whimsical is a vampy purple shade. Well, not exactly “purple” but more of a dark cool-toned pink, but it looks purplish on my lips and reminds me of the stain red wine usually leaves on the lips, but more intense, which I love!

It’s rather opaque at first glide on the lips, but is definitely buildable. I usually wait a few seconds after applying the first layer to apply another layer. I think this is the best way to apply this shade. Layer after layer, allowing each layer to dry out before adding another layer. This makes the color really intensely pop and stand out.

This shade has micro glitters in it and you can definitely see them on the lips if you look at it up close. But don’t worry, it’s not visible at all from a distance, you’d have to look at the lips super closely to notice the glitters. They actually accentuate the shine the balm has, giving it more dimension, which is just lovely.

However, I did notice some of the glitters gliding around my mouth area when I drank and wiped the sides of my lips, and it was darn hard to remove from the skin! But I wouldn’t worry too much about it, they’re so tiny no one would notice unless they look at your skin from a very close, intimate distance!

One thing I didn’t like about this is the fact that the micro glitters are difficult to remove, even with a makeup remover. I can always see bits and pieces of glitter left on the lips.

Like the Vivacious shade, this lasted around 4-5 hours, which is pretty damn good considering this is a “balm” and not a lipstick/lipstain.

I’m going to give this 4/5 because aside from the glitter issue, this shade is otherwise perfect!

4. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm: 205 Elusive

This one is my favorite out of the bunch! Elusive is a warm-toned nude pink. Its finish isn’t completely matte, it has a rather satin finish to it.

The first layer applied is opaque but certainly does not feel heavy at all, which I love, but it is rather creamy and ever-so-slightly slippery so if you want to add a few layers, the color may glide around and become streaky if you apply the second layer straight away. When I’m in a rush, I just apply one layer and lightly blot it on tissue paper and apply a second layer, and so on.

Once this color dries and settles, it has the most beautiful satin/matte finish and the color is just strikingly beautiful. This is the perfect everyday lippie for me!

Unlike Unapologetic, this somehow does not accentuate flakes and dry patches on the lips. However, I’m not quite sure if this lasts as long as Unapologetic. One time, it started to fade a bit around the 3rd hour mark, and was almost completely gone by the 5th. At another time, though, this lasted around 5 hours, even with drinking. I have yet to figure out why the longevity differs on different occasions, but I don’t mind reapplying this throughout the day because it’s so easy to apply. One layer is enough!

I am giving this 5/5 because it is hands-down my favorite!

5. Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm: 150 Enticing

This one sure is enticing! Another one that I really, REALLY like. Enticing is a medium-dark toned warm, brick red, which looks more like brownish-red on the lips but orange-red on my arm.

At first I really didn’t like this shade because I feel like it made me look old, like, I’m-in-my-50’s old. But I realized that it was just a matter of application. If I apply just one layer on my upper lip, blot my lips together and let the color transfer on to my lower lips, it actually looks really nice and sophisticated. I really like the warmth in this shade!

It has a bit of sparkle just like the Whimsical, but somehow it doesn’t really show up as intensely as it did with the Whimsical. So I’m happy about that!

Finish-wise, I like that this shade doesn’t slide around even though it almost always feels like it will. It has a rather slippery, glossy finish when I apply both on my upper and lower lips. However, when I only apply on my upper lip and blot my lips together, the finish becomes matted a bit and I feel more secure.

Longevity-wise, I was really impressed with this. I was so dehydrated one day when I used this and drank a lot, but this shade stayed put and did not fade at all. It lasted for about 5 hours until I started eating. Even when I was eating, the color stayed on pretty well and only disappeared after I wiped my whole mouth with a napkin. I had a pretty messy dinner that day, I think I had a Grill’d burger!

I’m giving this one a 5/5 as well! It’s currently my go-to lippie when I want a more mature look 😉

6. Revlon ColorBurst Lip Lacquer Balm: 110 Coquette

This shade is the most recent one I got and is certainly the most sheer. Coquette is a sheer, medium warm-toned pink with bits of sparkles in it, but less noticable than the sparkles in Whimsical.

It somehow oxidizes on me – at first it looks so sheer like I had a slightly-tinted balm on, but after a few seconds the color starts to brighten and ends up being the perfect shade of glossy, sheer medium pink on my lips. It accentuates the natural color of my lips really well!
Longevity-wise, it sadly only lasted about 2 hours. It could be because this is one of the sheerest shades. However, since this is a low-maintenance shade and is so easy to apply without a mirror, I really don’t mind touching up during the day even when I don’t have a mirror with me. It’s just like touching up your lips with a sheer lipgloss or balm.
Another 5/5 from me! 🙂
Pictures of this one coming real soon!
So I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Let me know if you have these and have a different opinion about these, I’m always curious to know what other people think!

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