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Review: Bellabox Australia June 2014

June was a disappointing Bellabox month for me.
  1. It arrived really, REALLY late (early July)
  2. I honestly didn’t love anything from the box

Needless to say I was very unimpressed. Out of 5 items that were included, I could only really use 3, and they were all the cheap ones! Boohoo!

So here’s a list of what I received this month:

1. Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

This is one of the products I can actually use, and I’m glad it smells very fresh and pleasant.
I probably won’t use this now as I still have a bunch of shampoos that I need to go through (and I really only have one staple conditioner). Hopefully I can try this out by the end of August.
I’m actually planning to bring this with me in my hospital bag.
Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

2. Designer Brands Twist ‘N’ Go Instant Nail Polish Remover

Again, one of the products I can actually use. I love instant nail polish removers like this and so far have never found one that really wows me.
Designer Brands Twist ‘N’ Go Instant Nail Polish Remover

I did get pissed with the packaging at first, particularly the plastic cover that was so hard to remove. Once I was able to open it up a bunch of the liquid squirted on my face. Good thing it didn’t get into my eyes.

Not a pleasant first impression!

Plastic cover was so hard to remove!

However, the product itself is pretty good.

I dipped my thumb into the hole in the sponge, twisted my thumb and immediately felt a soaking sensation, and pulled out my thumb. I didn’t even let my thumb rest in the sponge for too long. So I was really impressed when I saw the results. Everything was literally instantly removed, but there were still some residue on the side of the nails and cuticles. I tried sticking my thumb in again for a second time to try to remove the residue but it had almost no effect.
The remover was rather drying for my nails too. See how it gave the bottom part of my nail a white, chalky cast? But I can’t really complain, it’s cheap and at least it instantly removed the polish! I simply massaged my favorite Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream on my nail and cuticles and the dryness was gone.

Designer Brands Twist ‘N’ Go Instant Nail Polish Remover Process
I’m glad the box included this, I like it so far. I hope the remover won’t dry out too quickly, and I hope the packaging is secure and sturdy enough to be brought along while travelling.

3. Designer Brands Diamond Glaze Nail Enamel

Another one that I actually liked was this polish.
It was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect this polish to perform. When I first saw this in the box I was ready to give it away, but I’m glad I gave it a try.
Designer Brands Diamond Glaze Nail Enamel

The polish applied so smoothly and easily on my nail, and it is surprisingly opaque with one coat! I was NOT expecting that.

Designer Brands Diamond Glaze Nail Enamel – one coat is opaque enough!

With a second coat, it’s even more opaque and glossy.

The second coat applied a bit streaky at first but it quickly smooths out seconds after application.

Designer Brands Diamond Glaze Nail Enamel – two coats look amazing!
Mamma Mia, I’m gonna get some more colors at Priceline!

4. Innoxa Line Defying Pressed Powder

I’m honestly unsure whether I want to try this or not.
I’m unfamiliar with the brand and since it’s still sealed, I can probably list this up for a swap.
Will decide later whether I want to try this or not! Maybe I’ll get another pleasant surprise when I try this? 😉

5. Garnier BB Cream Original – Medium

“Yuck” is all I can say!
I was so disappointed when I saw this in the box, I’ve tried a sample of this before and hated it. I hated the finish, and just never plan on purchasing it, EVER. Guess nothing will ever replace my Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer 🙂
Garnier BB Cream Original – Medium

What was more disappointing was actually the shade.

I got the shade Medium which, as you can see, is very dark and yellow even on my hand. My face is much lighter than the back of my hand, so if it looks dark on my hand, it will definitely look much darker on my face.

I’ve actually swatched and blended this on my cheek and it looked muddy and orange.

In the image below you can see where I’ve blended the BB cream, it’s the only area on the back of my hand that looks darker and much more yellow.

This one is immediately going to my giveaway stash!

Bonus 1: InStyle Magazine Australia

I’m glad Bellabox compensated for my disappointment with an InStyle magazine. Not bad!

Bonus 2: Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Nourishing Masque

I’ve never heard of this brand before, and am not interested in trying this out either. But since this is a hydrating mask and is in a sample sachet, I’ll probably keep this for when I’m going to be on long-haul flights later in the (near) future. I love applying hydrating masks on long flights but hate bringing too much liquid on board, so this is the perfect solution.
So, that’s it for my June Bellabox roundup!I really liked the Designer Brands items, and the Herbal Essences isn’t too bad either although I’d probably prefer receiving something else.

I will be posting a review of the July Bellabox tomorrow. Hope the August box will be much better! Will give Bellabox a few more chances and if they keep disappointing me, I’d have to unsubscribe.


On a lighter note… Here’s a sneak peek on what I will be reviewing within the next few days!A whole box of goodies of things I’ve experimented with over the past month.

I’ve actually reviewed the Clinique Chubby Sticks here, I just haven’t posted the pictures and swatches yet.

Will also be reviewing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes and Revlon Balms as well.
Stay tuned, beauties! XO.

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