Sigma Beauty Nightlife Collection by Camila Coelho Review & Swatches

Sigma Beauty recently launched their Nightlife Collection in collaboration with celebrity YouTuber Camila Coelho and the collection consists of eight products focusing on creating the perfect night-out look. The collection includes a range of eye, cheek and lip products, even a brush set.

Read on to see what my thoughts are on the Sigma Beauty Nightlife Collection by Camila Coelho!

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Sigma Beauty Nightlife Collection Camila Coelho Review & Swatches

Here are swatches of the products:

Sigma Night Life Camila Coelho Swatches (1)


Fine Feather Lip Liner

I’ve never tried any of Sigma’s lip liners, and the quality of this liner really caught me by surprise. It’s so creamy and blends easily, however I find that it takes about 10 minutes before it finally sets. It smears pretty easily before it sets, so just be cautious of over-blending. Once it sets, it’s completely budge proof and the color is so gorgeous! It’s a couple of shades darker than my natural lip color, gives my lips the perfect amount of depth and pop-of-color.


Dance ‘Til Dawn Lipstick

The formula of this lipstick is so creamy and buttery, I’m surprised at how well Sigma does lip products! The color is a cute cool-toned baby pink, the perfect companion for any eye-heavy nighttime look. It works well with the lipliner even though the lip liner is much darker. I simply fill-in my lips with the liner and apply the lipstick on the centre and blend it out with my fingers to give the lips a gorgeous ombre look.


Afterglow Liquid Highlighter

I was so excited about this product, I love liquid highlighters! However, I must say, this fell short of my expectations, but it’s a matter of preference I guess. Maybe because I expect all liquid highlighters to make me glow like my Becca and Kevyn Aucoin liquid highlighters do?

This gives the skin a very subtle glow, but I can’t really see it on my skin somehow. For a “nightlife” line I expected this product to give the skin a lot more glow and shimmer, but it’s really nice if you’re looking for something to give you a subtle, diffused glow, much like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I honestly see this as more of a daytime product.


Hotspot Blush

Hotspot is a full-on peachy coral shade and is the type of color that would look great on any skintone. Even though it looks so orange on the pan, it actually has a tint of pink when applied on the skin, which is perfect because I hate having super-orange-looking cheeks. I think this is very nighttime appropriate because you want to draw more attention to your eyes, not your cheeks, and this subtle hint of peach gives a nice pop of color to the complexion without making too much of a statement.

The formula of the powder is very buttery and soft, and the pigmentation is spot on – not too opaque, not too sheer, and is definitely buildable.


Limelight Bronzer

This has got to be my favorite product out of all the products that I received. The color is perfect – it’s a taupe brown with neutral undertones which suits every skin tone, except for maybe really tanned or darker skin tones. The fact that the brown shade is a bit greyish makes it the perfect contour shade as it won’t make the skin look muddy or orange, it will just look naturally shaded.

The formula is also incredibly smooth and buttery. It applies so evenly without any funny patches and lasts all day. I find that my nose contours usually fade easily because I rub my nose a lot, but this really stood through all my nose-rubbing and nose-blowing when I had a bad cold!


Nightlife Eyeshadow Palette

I’m honestly not too crazy about this palette. I like the range of colors, but I find the textures of the shadows to be inconsistent. The matte plum shade (Urbanette) and deep blue (Boogie) were dry and coarse, and applied rather patchily. However, they do apply easily when only applied on the lashline. The matte black (Leather Pants) and dark brown (After Hours) were a bit patchy and difficult to blend too. However, the shimmery shades were mostly very creamy and buttery.

Sigma Night Life Camila Coelho Swatches (2)

For a “nightlife” palette, I honestly expected the shimmery shades to be more “va-va-voom!” with more intense pigmentation and stronger frosts, shimmers and sparkly finishes. The shimmery shades just weren’t “nightlife” enough for me. Even Carli Bybel’s BH Cosmetics palette had a better strength of shimmers IMO, even though it’s not necessarily marketed as a nighttime palette.

The only one that stood out is the shade Disco Ball (below, far right) which is a shimmery, metallic silver, but the pigmentation is quite poor. I had to really pack on a few layers to get it to show up that pigmented.

Sigma Night Life Camila Coelho Swatches (3)

As for the matte shades, some were noticeably creamier than others, but some just had poor pigmentation and texture. I just wish they were all creamy, buttery and easy to blend.


Final Verdict

So there were some hits and misses in this line for me, but it’s mostly hits! The only things I’m on the fence about are the liquid highlighter and the eyeshadow palette, but I totally recommend the lip liner, lipstick, blush and bronzer.

Have you ever tried anything from this line? Let me know what you think!

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