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Christmas Gift Guide for 7 Types of People

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s about time we finally start our Christmas shopping for our loved ones!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gifts, I’ve curated a list of gift ideas suited for seven different types of people!

Check out my Christmas Gift Guide below!

1. The Makeup Geek

For the avid makeup collector, avoiding to buy them something they already have might be easier said than done because you may not have access to their makeup stash! However, something a makeup lover can’t seem to get enough of are brushes! Seriously, a makeup junkie can never have enough brushes. (Pssst… I have four Sigma brush sets and half-a-dozen of MAC 217 brushes!)

My personal favorite brush sets are from Sigma Beauty because they’re soft, beautiful and strong. I rarely have problems with fibres or bristles falling out of my Sigma brushes when I wash them because they’re just so durable.

My favorite set would definitely have to be the adorable blue-pink Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit! It’s currently on sale for only US$125.30 (that’s only about $10-11 per brush!) and they will have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING this Black Friday! Woohoo! Oh, and they come in a variety of color themes. How incredible is that?

Getting a Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat (US$32) or Glove (US$25) would also be a great idea – it’ll encourage them to cleanse their brushes more regularly!

Another option would be gift sets with a wide variety of products like these ones from Benefit Cosmetics because travel-sized products are must-haves for everyone! It’s also a great way for people to try new products.

Or, better yet, splurge a little and get them an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit if they don’t have it yet!


2. The Skincare Junkie

These skincare-loving people usually have a pretty fixed daily skincare regimen, so if you want to get them something skincare related, opt for masks or treatments that can be used occasionally. Or even a gift set from their favorite skincare brand! Here are a few of my favorite skincare gift sets:

Another way to spoil a skincare junkie is to get them a body care gift set! You can actually give this to anyone, skincare junkie or not, because who doesn’t love a box full of shower gels and body creams that smells like Christmas? Here are my top picks!

I love the Lavanila Starlight Deo Trio (US$32) so much I’m gonna be getting one set for myself! Ho ho ho!


3. The Health Nut

For sporty and health-obsessed people out there, getting a GoodnessMe Box is seriously the easiest way to go. They’re a health food subscription box service – basically the BellaBox, ipsy or Birchbox equivalent for health food, so they can try out lots of different healthy snacks, supplements and ingredients! They cost from AU$25 per month, and you can get AU$10 off too just by using the code XMAS10!

GoodnessMe Box (1)

You can buy someone a box, and if they like it, they can continue subscribing the following months. However, GoodnessMe are taking their monthly unique box and giving it a Christmas twist to include Christmas themed items such as dukkha, olives, sugar-free cookies this Christmas season. It’s the perfect gift for health conscious foodies!

I personally loved my GoodnessMe Box I’m giving one to my mom this Christmas! (Hope she doesn’t read this!)


4. The New Mom

Mothers have to sacrifice not just their time and energy for their babies, but sometimes their style too! I gave up wearing statement necklaces ever since I had Zayden because he kept wanting to chew them! Until my friend told me about these teething necklaces, that is.

These silicon necklaces are completely safe for babies to nibble on, and stylish enough for mommy to wear! It’s a win-win for mum & bub! (And they’re super affordable too!)


5. The Fashionista

Fashionistas can never get enough accessories, so one of the safest bets is to get them something that’s not just stylish, but sentimental. Charm bracelets are meaningful and they’re easily paired with outfits. My favorites are from Pandora and Swarovski, but they can be very expensive.

For a more affordable option, I recommend Soufeel charm bracelets because they are much cheaper than Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelets, but are just as beautiful. You’ll have to purchase the basic bracelet and charms separtely, but they’ll still end up being affordable, with each charm costing more or less US$15-20. Check out my review of the Soufeel charm bracelets here.

I also love these Twilly scarves from @The GirlStories on Instagram that can be wrapped around your purse – they come in so many different patterns and colors, and they can be customized with your name or initials on it! I got one for myself, and one for my cousin! (I really hope she doesn’t read this too LOL).


6. Couch Potatoes

Know that one friend who’s always glued to their couch with a TV remote in one hand and a bag of chips in the other?

Well, I’m guilty of being one, and a few Christmases ago someone gave me a Snuggie. Yes, a Snuggie blanket. And I cherish it. As lame as it looks (and sounds), lazy bums love this during cold winter nights. I can testify to that. LOL.


7. Workaholics

For someone who’s always at their desk behind the computer, a personalized mug from Etsy would be a great work accompaniment for them. Plus, the mug will remind them of you!

I love The Trendy Sparrow on Etsy, I’m getting one “What Would Blair Waldorf Do?” for my sister (again, praying she won’t read this) because she’s always working and she adores Blair Waldorf. They cost US$17 without shipping.

For someone who’s always on-the-go, get one that comes with a lid! It only costs an extra US$3.




So I hope these ideas were helpful! Let me know if you’ll end up getting one of these items for your loved ones!

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