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    APSU Varanasi Review

    I’ve recently been testing out a few different body care brands, but one brand in particular that I’ve been loving the most is APSU.

    APSU is an Australian-owned luxury spa brand, offering a selection of luxury body products formulated using the highest quality ingredients possible. All of their products are paraben, SLS and SLES free.

    Combining influences from the East and West, APSU’s boutique products offer a unique experience in traditional bathing rituals. Having developed two exquisite product collections, the Funaya and Varanasi ranges, APSU is creating the ultimate in luxury body products.

    APSU’s PR kindly provided me three products from the Varanasi range that “delivers Eastern culture in a Western spa style, drawing from Hindu culture and inspired by the golden goddess Annapurna, Queen of Varanasi.”

    The hero ingredient of the Varanasi range is 24 carat gold leaf, which has been crafted to nourish the body, mind and spirit through this range of luxury products.

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