APSU Funaya Review

Back in February I reviewed a few products from APSU’s Varanasi range (here), inspired by the golden goddess Annapurna, Queen of Varanasi. I personally loved that range because I looove the scent and the gold-leaf-infused products. APSU was kind enough to send me more of their products, but now from their Funaya range, influenced by the serene and sacred Japanese communal bathing ritual that is Onsen.

In general, the scent of the products in this range have a stronger herbal scent than the Varanasi range, but it’s certainly very relaxing. The first word that comes to my mind when I smell the range is “zen”.

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review. Post does not contain affiliate links.


Green Tea Exfoliating Mask for Hands (AU$29)

This is so new to me, I’ve never experienced using a hand mask before, so I was so intrigued. It’s like a super rich and creamy hand cream with tiny little grains that exfoliate the skin, it immediately makes the skin smoother!


Green Tea Hand Lotion (AU$29)

I love that this lotion not only smooths and moisturizes my skin, but completely nourish it too. Green tea is known for its antioxidant properties that protect the skin against ageing, stress and sun damage, and avocado butter is rich in vitamins that deeply moisturizes the skin.

I love taking this with me on-the-go because the scent is so calming and soothing, every time I use it I feel like I’m being transported into my favorite spa in Bali. It’s also very smooth and not greasy or slippery, and comes in a 100 ml tube so you can easily take this on a plane!


Green Tea Massage Candle (AU$39)

This is another product that I’m completely new to. I firstly thought it was just a nice smelling candle. It turns out to be a moisturizing hot oil treatment for hands! So you’re supposed to burn the wick and wait until the wax melts off and become oil, then wait until it’s cooled off a bit to massage the oil on to the hands. How unique is that?  This is the only product I haven’t tried yet as I haven’t had time to pamper myself, so I’m saving this for my next “me time”!


Onsen Body Butter (AU$49)

This was too thick for use all over the body, so I only use this on my heels, elbows, and other areas of the body where the skin is dry and flaky. It’s very, very effective in treating my dry patches so I keep this on my bedside table as I use this on my heels every night to keep it smooth. So I don’t think I would recommend using this all over the body unless you have really dry skin, but this is incredible for certain dry areas.


Onsen Charcoal and Hinoki Body Bar (AU$19)

This seems to last longer than my holy grail Varanasi Golden Goddess Body Bar (reviewed here). I’ve used it for more than two weeks and I still have more than half left. The scent is very soothing but I prefer the Golden Goddess’ scent. This is more charcoal-y, I don’t know how to describe it LOL. It’s still a very relaxing scent though! This contains olive oil and shea butter, so I actually find this to be more moisturizing on the skin.


Onsen Exfoliating Body Wash (AU$36)

My favorite out of the bunch! I will definitely be repurchasing this shower gel! It smells so heavely and is very, very moisturizing.

The only downside is that pumping the product out can be very difficult because the gel is very thick, and so you’d need to pump a bit harder to get product out. Sometimes when I get frustrated I just open up the bottle and pour out the gel on to my hand, but it’s seriously worth the fuss. It’s one of my top favorite shower gels EVER.


Have you ever tried anything from APSU? Let me know what your favorites are!

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