Becca Radiant Glow Collection Review

Who else here loves Sephora and Ulta Beauty-exclusive sets? I’m sure I’m not the only one! They’re the perfect way to try a variety of products for a fraction of the individual prices!

This precious set includes four best-selling Becca products that would help you create the perfect glowing skin. It costs US$32 for a US$70 value!

Check out my Becca Radiant Glow Collection review and the breakdown of the products!

Under Eye Brightening Corrector: This is an under eye brightener that could also act as a concealer primer. It can be worn on its own or on top of another concealer. It has very full coverage! This is the only product out of the four that I haven’t tried yet because I’m too intimidated by the color! I’m definitely gonna try this out some time this week and update you all!

Becca Radiant Glow Collection - Eye Brightener

The above swatches were taken in direct sunlight so you could see how it looks in sunlight. It does look incredibly brightening doesn’t it! It has a slight pink tint with very subtle microshimmers (like, really really micro) that just acts as an illuminator. The texture is very thick when you touch it at first, but thins out when blended. It actually felt pretty light once blended!

The full size of the product costs US$29 for 0.16 oz, and you get a tiny 0.1 oz in this set. However, since a tiny bit goes a long way, I don’t think I’d be able to finish this tiny sample up within a year! So I think it’s incredibly worth it!

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone: I have the full sized product, and it’s definitely one of my top favorite pressed powder highlighters of all time, so I was so ecstatic when I saw the set came with the travel size! You know how bulky the packaging of Becca powders can be, so this small one is perfect for travelling!

Moonstone is a gorgeous light golden shade and reflects beautifully, and naturally, under sunlight. You won’t be able to see the shimmer particles – it blends so nicely with the skin.

Becca Radiant Glow Collection - Moonstone

I’ve honestly had the full sized for years because you only need a tiny bit every time you use it! The full size costs US$38 and contains 0.28 oz of product, whilst this one only contains 0.085 oz – but it will still last me forever!

Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal: I’ve already got the travel size Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector that comes in a tube, and have been loving that. So I love that I get to have another version of the highlighter that actually comes with a wand applicator.

Becca Radiant Glow Collection - Opal

The color is exactly the same as the Shimmering Skin Perfector that comes in the tube, but the texture is somehow different. This one (that comes with a wand applicator) has a slightly thicker feel to it and looks a bit wetter at first application. I was a bit surprised that the two products, which I thought were actually the same, actually felt different.

Then I realized the one that comes in this set has “Spotlight” in its name and can be applied on the body as well. So, maybe that’s why it felt different? The color is still the same ol’ golden opal we all love though, it’s just as gorgeous! However I’ve been using the one that comes in a tube more often.

Beach Tint Lip Shimmer Souffle in Raspberry/Opal: This has, surprisingly, got to be my favorite product out of the bunch. I do love the Moonstone and Opal highlighters but this is just so gorgeous and makes the whole set so much more worth it.

This is the lip tint/gloss version of their Shimmer Souffles. I’ve actually reviewed the Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Watermelon/Moonstone here! So this has the same concept as the blush, which is basically a mixture of tint and highlight. So this has a marbled texture and is a combination between their Raspberry Beach Tint, a reddish berry shade, and the Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector, a golden opal shade.

Becca Radiant Glow Collection - Lip Tint

The pigmentation is actually pretty sheer once blended, so it will add a nice warmth and tint to your lips. It’s also pretty hydrating because it’s infused with algae extract, although it does feel very lightweight.

Becca Radiant Glow Collection (3)

This comes in a clickable pen packaging with a clear, plastic gel-like tip. Unlike most glosses that come in a clickable or twist-up pen packaging, this is pretty easy to control. Only a tiny bit of product is dispensed with one click, which makes it so much easier to apply in layers.Becca Radiant Glow Collection (4)

Oh don’t you just love the packaging!

This is actually a full sized product, which usually retails for US$24 – makes this set even more worth it!

So have you ever tried any of these products? I highly recommend sets like these to get you started if you haven’t tried any Becca products! This set in particular is only available at Ulta.



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