Dessata Coconut Scented Brush Review

Coconut Scented Brush

Coconut scented brush for men and women? Yes, please! Dessata Detangling Brushes recently released a range with coconut scented bristles and I can’t be more excited to be able to celebrate Summer all-year round!

Check out my review and pictures of the cutest detangling brush around.

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review. This post does not contain affiliate links.



The Dessata Coconut Scented Brushes come in four bright, fluorescent color combinations, seen below:

All of these color combination screams “Summer!” – aren’t they adorable?



The brush comes with a protective cover andI like that the lid is very secure and doesn’t come off easily.

It is claimed to be 30% smaller than the original Dessata brush. I don’t own the original brush so I can’t compare, but I can tell that it’s thinner and lighter than most detangling brushes I’ve owned.

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Dessata Coconut Scented BrushThese Summer Collection brushes contain 237 innovative triple-length flexible bristles which reduce damage and trauma to the hair while promoting gloss and shine.

“Triple-length” basically means there’s short, medium and long bristles. I find that these three lengths help us get to every strand of hair much easier.

The bristles in general are pretty soft, but the edge could be a bit too sharp for the scalp area, so just make sure you only use this to brush off the mids and ends of your hair and stay away from the scalp.

As for its effectiveness in detangling the hair, it’s pretty good! I get my hair all tangle free in one or two strokes and smooth hair automatically looks much shinier than tangled hair, right? 😉



The bristles are uniquely infused with a coconut scent, and I love that I get a whiff of it every time I brush my hair. The scent does not stick on to the hair, which is a bummer for me because I’d love to have coconut scented hair, LOL. But it’s good for most of you out there who wouldn’t want to be overwhelmed by having coconut-scented hair all day. I meant, who doesn’t like catching a whiff of pina colada every now and then?

The scent really reminds me of the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer!



These retail for AU$29.95 and are available for purchase from the Dessata website, which is the same price as the original brushes except the originals don’t come with a protective cover.


Final Verdict

I personally really like this brush, particularly its scent and shape. I honestly have never encountered a coconut scented hair brush before! I think they’ll make such cute gifts!

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