Physicians Formula Butter Blush Review

Physicians Formula Butter Blush Review

Hey, all! Sorry for being MIA for so long. I’ve just returned from my month-long holiday and have never felt so refreshed!

To start off the year, I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the recently-released Physicians Formula Butter Blushes which I’ve been highly anticipating because I looove the Butter Bronzer so much.

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The Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blush is an extension of the popular Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer released as part of their Spring 2017 collection and are available in two shades: Natural Glow and Plum Rose. These are claimed to be luminous blushes infused with Murumuru Butter, giving the formula an ultra-luxurious feel and a “radiant Brazilian goddess glow” finish.

They are smaller in size compared to the Butter Bronzer, but they have the same spot-on piña colada scent that I adore!

These retail for US$12.99 while the Butter Bronzer retails for US$14.99.

Check out the swatches below.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer & Blushes Swatches

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer & Blushes Swatches (L – R): Butter Bronzer, Butter Blush Plum Rose & Natural Glow.

Shades & Formula

Upon seeing them on display, I knew the colors would be way too light and pale for my liking, but I still wanted to give them a try anyway because I love the Butter Bronzer so much!

Plum Rose is probably supposed to be a light, plummy mauve but looks more of a greyish baby pink when heavily swatched. This sadly looked to unflatteringly ashy on my skin and its supposedly luminous finish didn’t translate at all. I honestly won’t be keeping this blush as it just doesn’t work for me.

Natural Glow as the name suggests, gives the skin a natural glow and is a light, peachy highlighter. It’s not a blush at all. It does give the skin a nice glow but the formula isn’t as smooth as other Physicians Formula highlighters that I love, but I would still use it as a highlighter.

I’m honestly very disappointed they didn’t come up with better colors for the collection as their blushes are usually amazing. In fact their Happy Booster blushes are one of my top favorite drugstore blushes! So I was expecting to get more pigmentation and a better color range from this collection.


The applicator that it comes with is pretty odd and confusing. It’s a dual sided sponge with one side as an applicator (green/turquoise side with denser sponge), and the other side (pink) as a blender.

Tried them. Didn’t work. They would probably work with cream products but not powder.

Here’s an explanation of the applicators on the back of the box.

Final Verdict

To be honest, these blushes fell short of my expectations, but I will continue to use the shade Natural Glow as a highlighter as they do give the skin a beautiful, luminous glow. Physicians Formula can do no wrong when it comes to highlighters – their highlighters are truly some of the very best in the market, even better than most luxurious and high end highlighters.

So, I do recommend Natural Glow as a highlighter, but not as a blush.

What do you think? Have you given them a try?


Disclaimer: Products reviewed were personally purchased but post may contain affiliate links.

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