Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette Review

Are you all excited that the Sephora VIB Sale is finally here? I sure am and have made my order two nights ago!

This Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette was originally in my wish list, but I was so lucky to have the girls at Benefit Australia send one to me! I can’t be happier because I missed out on last year’s palette, and I was totally bummed out that I had to wait for another year for another blush palette to come out.

Benefit blushes have always been favorites of mine, especially Dandelion since it was the blush I wore on my wedding day, and Coralista, as it was one of the first blushes I’ve ever owned! Pretty sentimental about them! So when they came out with a palette containing a few of their best selling blushes, I can’t resist!

Read on to see my Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette review and swatches, and play around with the image slideshow up top!


The contents of the box include a little booklet that has illustrations on the different looks you can achieve using the palette. The palette itself contains four blush shades (Dandelion, Rockateur, Sugarbomb, and Coralista), a bronzer (Hoola), a cream highlighter (Watt’s Up), a mini They’re Real Push-Up Liner and a mini They’re Real Mascara.

Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette (1)

How cute is that!



The palette is packaged in a hot-pink-and-black polka-dotted tin (super cute!) but as sturdy as it looks, mine actually came dented on the side, so it won’t close and latch properly anymore. Not complaning though, coz the products are still safe and sound, but I won’t recommend bringing this palette along for traveling. This palette belongs in your vanity, not your luggage!

2015-10-31 14.03.32

The original Watt’s Up highlighter comes in a twist-up stick form, but they’ve managed to package it in a pan with a secure, plastic lid so that it’s a cream blush that you can dip your fingers into!

Benefit Real Cheeky Party (6)

Now, in terms of the sizes of the blushes and bronzer, they are slightly smaller than the full-size boxed blushes. Pictured above is my all-time favorite Benefit blush, Hervana. (I’m honestly a bit bummed this wasn’t included in the palette!)

I hit pan on my Hervana after using it daily for about 3-4 months, so since the ones in the palette are slightly smaller, they will probably last about 2-3 months if, and only if, you use it every single day.

Benefit Real Cheeky Party (5)

…and here are the mini mascara and liner!

Click here for my They’re Real Mascaras & Push-Up Liners review.



Shades included in the palette are:

  • Watt’s Up: A cream-to-powder “champagne” highlighter with up to 8 hours of wear. Although it has quite a lot of shimmer, it blends out smoothly and gives the skin a beautiful, glowing, luminous finish.
  • Dandelion: A soft, light pink shade with tiny specks of gold shimmer. I wore this on my wedding day so this blush has a very special place in my heart!
  • Rockateur: My favorite shade out of them all – a luminous, satin rose gold with warm undertones, ironically the only one that I’ve never purchased the full size of. Will definitely purchase a full-size once this runs out!
  • Sugarbomb: Also another top favorite of mine! This one is the most unique out of them all because there are four different shades in the pan – rosy red, shimmering pink, light purple, and coral/peach. When swirled together, it gives the skin a beautiful lit-from-within glow with a coral-pinkish tint.
  • Coralista: My first Benefit blush ever is this gorgeous coral shade with a satin-frosty finish. Looks amazing on all skin tones!
  • Hoola: The bronzer that has a huge cult following and I can see why. This warm-toned bronzer has a silky smooth matte finish and is very blendable. It doesn’t look orange or muddy – perfect for contouring or just as a pop of color on the cheekbones.

Check out the swatches of the Benefit Real Cheeky Party blushes, highlighter and bronzer below.

The following was taken in direct sunlight:

L - R: Benefit Watt's Up, Dandelion, Roackateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista & Hoola Swatches.

L – R: Benefit Watt’s Up, Dandelion, Roackateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista & Hoola Swatches.

And the following in shade:

L - R: Benefit Watt's Up, Dandelion, Roackateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista & Hoola Swatches.

L – R: Benefit Watt’s Up, Dandelion, Roackateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista & Hoola Swatches.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this blush and I look forward to seeing what palettes Benefit will bring out next year! I highly recommend this palette and I think this would make a great Christmas present too!

You can grab them now before they run out at Sephora for US$42 – the VIB Sale entitles you to a 20% discount, btw! Better get it quick! Macy’s and the Benefit Cosmetics website carries them too.

If you’re in Australia, you can get them at Myer although I think they’re currently sold out. Not sure if they’re going to restock them, though. Will update you soon!


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