The Makeup Factory Vegan Lipstick Review

TMF Vegan Lipstick

Looking for an all-natural, organic, cruelty-free and vegan lipstick? Then look no further! Australia’s very own The Makeup Factory has a whole range of these gorgeous vegan lipsticks that you will surely love.

Check out my review of The Makeup Factory vegan lipsticks and lip glosses below.

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review. Post does not contain affiliate links.


tmf. Vegan Lips Vegan Lipstick

These are certified organic, cruelty free and vegan lipsticks made from ingredients such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, rose oil and candellila wax.



These are available in 10 shades. I chose the shades Bo and Kate because why would I choose anything else? LOL. I’m a sucker for natural lip shades and you all know that! 🙂

Bo is the perfect MLBB (my lips but better) shade for me. I love how it’s just slightly brighter than my natural lip color. Kate is a gorgeous muted pink. These are such natural shades that even makeup beginners won’t be intimidated by them.

Check out the swatches below:

TMF Vegan Lipstick Swatches

They’re so gorgeous and wearable, I’m in love!


Formula & Longevity

I honestly can’t tell the difference between these and non-vegan, non-cruelty-free, and non-organic lipsticks because these are just as good! They’re so creamy and moisturizing, and most importantly, apply smoothly without tugging on the lips.

They last for about 4-5 hours on the lips too.



These are packaged in sleek, black tubes and the lid clicks very securely in place.



These retail for AU$37 each and are available from the Makeup Factory website. They offer free shipping Australia-wide!


tmf. Lip Gloss

The Makeup Factory also has sheer lip glosses that are infused with Vitamin E, cocoa butter, and kaolin clay. I’m not sure if these are vegan, organic, and/or cruelty free though. I think only the lipsticks are, but do look into these if you’re interested – I’ve been liking them too.



These come in seven shades and I chose the shades DVF and Perry.

DVF is a sheer reddish brown which might look intimidatingly dark in the tube, but it’s actually very sheer and just adds a bit of depth to any lipstick you have on. This particularly looks gorgeous with Bo!

Perry, on the other hand, is a bright warm pink that is also very sheer, so it ends up looking like a warm, pale muted pink shade. I love pairing this with Kate!


Formula & Longevity

These aren’t goopy and sticky at all! I like that the consistency isn’t too thick, they’re actually pretty thin which makes them very comfortable on the lips.

These disappear immediately with food, although the lipsticks don’t. However, without food or drinks, the lipglosses last for at least 2-3 hours.



These are packaged in tubes similar to MAC lipglosses, so luxurious-looking!



These retail for AU$30 each and are available from the Makeup Factory website. They offer free shipping Australia-wide!


Final Verdict

The lipglosses aren’t the most unique thing ever, even though I do like them. It’s just that if I were to choose between getting their lipstick or lipgloss, I would absolutely go with the lipsticks. They’re organic, cruelty free and vegan, and the colors are just striking and gorgeous! It’s particularly hard these days to find vegan lipsticks that have amazing quality with colors that I really like (because I’m very fussy when it comes to my MLBBs!).

I personally highly recommend the lipsticks.

They’re absolutely worth a try and Bucketeer-approved!


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