Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation vs. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

Hey, loves!

Ever wondered what the differences between these two are?

I had a hard time deciding which one I should get when I was at Boots late last year because they seemed so similar! So I’ve broken down the similarities and differences between these two in this post.

The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (Radiance Reveal) is basically a bit thicker and is medium to full coverage with a semi-matte finish, whereas the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation is much lighter and has less coverage, but has a more dewy and luminous finish.

You should also check out my review of the Bourjois Nude Sensation foundation, which I’ve reviewed here, that has a sheer coverage with skin-like finish, absolutely perfect for no-makeup makeup looks!

So… Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation vs. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum – what are the differences?

Note: For the purposes of this review, I will refer to the Healthy Mix Foundation (Radiance Reveal) as the “Regular Foundation”.

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The only similarities I find these two have are the scent and main ingredients.

The scent is a fruity-type fresh scent because the foundations contain fruit extracts, and I personally like it although some people are really put-off by it.

Since one foundation is a regular liquid foundation and the other a serum gel-type, the ingredients differ, but the main ingredients (fruit extracts) are the same.



Texture & Consistency

Regular Foundation

This definitely has a thicker texture and consistency, it isn’t as runny as the serum gel. I can definitely feel like I’m wearing foundation when I wear this, although it’s not disturbingly and uncomfortably thick.

Although it’s thicker, it’s definitely not greasy at all.

Serum Gel Foundation

This one is much lighter, runnier and thinner, even when built up to a few layers. I sometimes even forget that I’m wearing makeup when I’m wearing this foundation because it’s so lightweight. Since this is super lightweight and smooth (not tacky/sticky) on the skin, I sometimes use this without setting powder when I know I won’t be out and about for that long.


Coverage & Finish

Regular Foundation

This has medium coverage, but it can be built to full and has a natural, semi-matte finish.

It has a bit more of a “cakey” finish than the serum gel, but not the bad kind of cakey. It just looks a bit more obvious that you’re wearing foundation on your skin. It doesn’t look as natural or skin-like as the serum gel because this looks thicker, but definitely isn’t as cakey-looking as lots of other foundations out there in the market with medium to full coverage.

If you have problematic skin, you might actually like this a bit more because with just one layer you can cover up almost all flaws.

Serum Gel Foundation

This claims to have light coverage, but I find that it’s definitely buildable. I’d say even up to medium coverage. Good thing is, I can get away with it looking natural and skin-like although it’s been built up to a few layers. This also does not emphasize dry flakes – so if you have dry skin, this should work just fine!

Also, with just one layer, I find that all of my unevenness and redness are well-covered. It also gives the skin a very bright and radiant glow with just one layer. I usually only add another layer for special occasions to ensure a fuller coverage.

This claims to have a semi-matte finish, just like the regular, but I find this to have a slightly more luminous and dewy finish. I love that this looks so natural, and feels lighter and drier on the skin yet it looks more dewy.



Regular Foundation

This claims to last up to 16 hours, but I’ve actually never had it on for that long. The maximum would probably be 10-12 hours and I find that it’s still in place at the end of the day if I set it and touch up with powder. Not sure about 16 hours though!

If you have oily/very oily skin, I’m not sure how it would hold up though. My chin area can get a bit oily sometimes, and I find that the foundation can slide around or even transfer after 4-5 hours of wear only in that area. However, I never have this problem when my skin is normal.

Serum Gel Foundation

This definitely has a shorter longevity although it also claims to last 16 hours. Maybe with a very sticky primer it will? But I personally don’t wear primer everyday, and this lasts around 5-6 hours, maybe up to 8 hours if I set it with powder and touch it up every hour or two.



Regular Foundation

Although I got the two foundations in the same shade, 53 Light Beige, this somehow oxidizes on me a bit. It also looks a bit more pink even straight out of the bottle.

Serum Gel Foundation

This has a yellower finish and is the perfect shade match for my neutral light-medium skin.



Regular Foundation

The re-released regular foundation comes with a glass bottle and a pump (previous pre-2013 one does not come with a pump). It’s heavier than the serum because of the glass bottle. It’s actually the exact same packaging as the Bourjois 1, 2, 3 Perfect Foundation.

Serum Gel Foundation

This comes with a plastic bottle and pump, which makes it much lighter. It’s also slightly thinner and taller than the regular foundation. I personally prefer this for travelling because it’s much lighter, and although it has plastic packaging, it’s the sturdy and durable kind.



Obviously, determining the winner is difficult because this all depends on your preference and skin type. Both foundations ranked 4.1/5 on MakeupAlley, which is a very high score!

I personally prefer the Serum Gel Foundation even on days when my skin is dry because I personally don’t like using medium to full coverage foundations on a daily basis, and I just adore the luminous look the serum gel gives without leaving a greasy or thick finish/feel.

I find that most people prefer the regular foundation because of the coverage factor. I personally don’t need much coverage because I don’t have problematic skin – just the occasional hormonal flare outs because of my pregnancy hormones. So maybe that’s why I prefer the serum gel? The serum gel has been the only foundation I’ve been wearing last month, and probably this month too 🙂

Regular Foundation

Rating: 4/5

This was the first one I purchased out of the two and I personally liked it at first but as time goes by, I started to dislike the rather thick look and feel of it. Even though I have dry/combination skin, I sometimes still feel like this makes me a bit oily in my T-Zone area after a few hours, especially my chin.

Nevertheless it is still a great foundation as it is very natural looking for a medium/full coverage foundation, and I would recommend this for people with normal or dry/very dry skin as it’s much more moisturizing.

Recommended for:

  • Normal/dry skin
  • People needing fuller coverage (problematic skin)
  • Photography and special occasion


Serum Gel Foundation

Rating: 4.5/5

I think this is the perfect foundation for you if you don’t like your foundation to look like foundation.
You know what I mean 🙂

This gives sufficient coverage for people with minor skin problems and has the most natural looking finish, making the skin look so much more youthful and radiant.

Although my skin is mostly dry (only slightly oily in chin and lower forehead area for hormonal reasons), I personally love this more because of its lightweight feel and smooth finish on the skin that I sometimes forget I have makeup on when I’m wearing this foundation! Also love the fact that I don’t have to set it with powder.

Recommended for:

  • Oily/Combination skin (not sure about very oily skin), but would work with drier skin types as well
  • Daily use because it’s much lighter
  • Dewy, fresh-faced look

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