Context Skin Review

Context Skin Review

My skin recently broke out from testing out a new skincare product, so I thought I might as well give another skincare line a shot as I was breaking out so if it were to break me out I could just treat them all at once. It was a gamble but I decided to give Context Skin, a brand new unisex skincare line, a try.

These products are suitable for all genders and all skin types, making it a skincare line for everyone.

I was fortunate enough to able to get my husband, whose skin type is my complete opposite, to hop on board and test these out with me. My skin type is dry-combination, but it’s recently gotten a lot dryer and sensitive,  even sore to touch! On the other hand, my husband has oily skin. So we’re practically the perfect candidates to see if this skincare line that claims to be for all genders and skin types is worth the hype.

Here’s our Context Skin review!

First of all, I’d like to point out that all Context Skin products are Paraben, Sulfate & Pthalate and fragrance free. So these products are stuffed with only the safest and nutrient-rich ingredients.

Daily Facial Cleanser: The cleanser is described to be of a “gel cream” texture, but I feel like it’s more of a thick lotion – sort of in between a lotion and a cream. It has a bluish tint and is very smooth-textured, not frothy or grainy at all. It doesn’t foam up all bubbly when massaged on to wet/damp skin, it simply emulsifies into a milky consistency, making it completely safe for people with sensitive skin like me!

Oily skinned people will actually like this too because it leaves a “squeaky clean” feeling (literally squeaky when rinsed) but dry skinned people won’t be bothered because it actually doesn’t strip the skin off or make it feel tight and dry. We love this!

This contains so many beneficial oils and antioxidants, which is why it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and dull, but soft and refreshed. The scent is slightly sweet like shea butter – we love it!

Context Skin Facial Wash

It comes in a tube dispenser and the cap is very secure. I traveled with this and there was no leakage at all.

This retails for $30 on the Context Skin website.

All in all we’ll give this 5 buttons for being very effective at cleansing, nutrient-rich, softening and moisturizing! (and sweet smelling!)

5 Buttons

Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15: Another favorite of ours, this AM moisturizer is, again, stuffed with the most beneficial nutrients out there like Vitamins A, C, E and plant extracts like Green Tea, cinnamon, shea butter and Manuka Honey. This smells just like the cleanser, just a bit stronger, probably because of the shea butter and honey.

It has a light lotion texture and is very soft-to-the-touch after it’s absorbed into the skin. We’ve really been enjoying this because it’s got SPF. This provides enough moisture for my husband, but I usually always top this off with another moisturizer (my current favorite’s the Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Dry, reviewed here) because of my chronically dry skin.

Context Skin Swatches

L – R: Context Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream and Context Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

I wouldn’t blame them for not providing enough moisture, though. It’s supposed to suit all skin types, and mine’s just really off-the-grid. LOL. However, they do have an Intensive Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, maybe I should try that?

This comes in a pump bottle and the plastic packaging is very sturdy and secure. I won’t have to worry about leakage or breakage at all.

This retails for $40, so does the Intensive version, on the Context Skin website.

We’ll give this a 4/5!

4 Buttons

Restorative Night Cream: My personal favorite, the night cream, has a thick, creamy texture. It’s also stuffed with amazing nutrients like the oil-free daily moisturizer.

I’ve been using this in place of my Philosophy moisturizer at night and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I’m so impressed at how thick it is in the jar, but becomes very smooth and soft once applied. It absorbs into my skin really well.

However, my husband isn’t quite a fan, finding it a bit too thick for his liking, although the thickness does subside after a while. He still prefers the Philosophy moisturizer (his favorite too!) because it immediately gets absorbed into the skin.

Context Skin Night Cream (1)

I’ve been loving this because I have dry skin, so I think people with normal to dry or combination skin will love this most.

This retails for $45 on the Context Skin website.

We’ll give this another 4/5!

4 Buttons

Vitamin C All Day Eye Cream: This eye cream actually has a lightweight gel texture, it’s not creamy at all so I’m not sure why it’s called a cream. This honestly doesn’t feel too moisturizing for me. It feels very wet when applied, and it won’t be fully absorbed into the skin until the first or second minute mark, which is a long time! It just sits on the skin, but isn’t tacky or sticky, just wet.

My skin always stings when I put this on, I don’t know why, but maybe because of its sensitivity. My husband never experienced stinging, though.

As for the results, there’s been no visible results in the two weeks we’ve been using this, so I’m honestly not that impressed because it takes ages for this to absorb, it’s not that moisturizing and it also stings my skin. Not too sensitive-skin friendly, I guess.

We’re giving this a because it didn’t really work well for us.

2 Buttons

All in all, we’re mostly satisfied with these products, especially the cleanser!

Have you tried any of these products from Context Skin? Let us know what you think!




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