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Frank Body Lip Duo Review

Frank Body Lip Duo Lip Scrub Lip Tint Cherry Bomb

Is it just me or are more and more beauty companies coming out with lip scrubs? Gone are the days when I only made DIY lip scrubs using Vaseline and brown sugar. I feel like I’ve been seeing lip scrubs everywhere!

I used to swear by my own DIY lip scrubs, or the Lush ones – the Cola flavor was my go-to! Now here’s a new one that I’ve been obsessed with.

Check out my Frank Body Cherry Bomb Lip Duo review below.

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Frank Body before. Their Coffee Scrubs and Shimmer Scrubs took over the International beauty industry – everyone and their mamas are obsessed with them. I unfortunately haven’t had a chance to try them as I was pregnant when they first came out with their body scrubs. I hope to try them out soon!

Anyways, Frank Body recently released lip scrubs and lip tints, and they’re also available in a duo set. Check them out below!




AVAILABLE FROM: Frank BodyMecca Cosmetica (A$12.95)



These are dubbed the “alter ego” of their best selling scrubs.

Scrub, Brush, Rinse, Lick.

A gentle but juicy lip scrub that buffs away flaky bits and leftover lipsticks. Leaves lips smooth and hydrated. Smells and tastes like a bowl of cherries.



Coffee Arabica Seed Oil stimulates blood flow, to “pump up your pout”.

Beeswax hydrates and protects.

Raw Sugar exfoliates and polishes.

Grapefruit Extract is antimicrobial (i.e. provides extra protection).

Frank Body products are all natural, cruelty free, and “free from nasties”!



Well, this is my new beauty obsession because my lips have never been smoother, and I’ve never enjoyed scrubbing my lips this much.

Frank Body Lip Duo Lip Scrub Cherry Bomb

Compared to other scrubs I’ve tried, the sugar in this scrub is so much more finely milled, which is why I love it. They still scrub very effectively even though they’re finer and smoother. The Lush ones and DIY ones made with brown sugar, is much more chunky and abrasive.

The scent is also one thing I love so much. Cherry is my favorite scent and flavor when it comes to balms, so the fact that they totally nailed the cherry scent makes me so happy! Oh and it tastes so damn sweet.

The packaging is also really nice. It’s not as bulky as the Lush which comes in a transparent glass jar – this is thin, shallow and the diameter of the jar is wider, which makes it easier for me to scoop out the product without getting some into my nails. The Lush jar is pretty small so I have to dig in pretty deep, and I hate that I sometimes get some product stuck under my nails.

All in all, I love that my lips are so much smoother – I haven’t had chapped lips in over a week. To be honest that’s actually record-breaking.



AVAILABLE FROM: Frank BodyMecca Cosmetica (A$11.95)

The duo also comes with a lip tint, which you apply on the lips after using the scrub. This is actually a 3-in-1 tint that can be used on the lips, lids and cheeks.

Frank Body Lip Duo Lip Tint Cherry Bomb

It looks pretty intense and opaque when heavily swatched, but once blended out it goes on pretty sheer and just gives off a natural-looking wine stain on the lips.

Honestly, this was too glossy and heavy for the lids, and it felt uncomfortable to apply on the cheeks. It did give a dewy finish to the skin but it felt too tacky. However, on the lips, it did look gorgeous as it gave a nice, glossy wine-stain look. It was also very comfortable and moisturizing on the lips.



All in all, I highly recommend the Lip Scrub as it totally transformed my lips, but I’m not sure about the Lip Tint being a 3-in-1 product.

I would absolutely repurchase the Lip Scrub once I run out, but I think I’ll pass on the Lip Tint. However, the Lip Duo which contains both products is A$21.95 for a A$26.90 value, which isn’t bad if you’re eager to try both products!




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