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Car Emergency Makeup Kit: Only 5 Items!

Ever been in such a rush that you had to apply makeup in the car? I’m sure most of us have!

As a working/stay-at-home mom I barely have time to sit down and do my makeup, especially in the mornings. So having a “car emergency makeup kit” with items that are multitaskers and super quick to apply is mandatory!

I always have this makeup kit in my car glovebox and best thing is, it only contains 5 small products and it fits in this tiny, gorgeous NARS bag. This makes it easy for me to pop this bag in my purse in case I’m the one driving and I have to apply my makeup once I arrive (usually in the bathroom LOL).

All in all it usually takes me about 5 minutes to do all this in the car, maybe even less.

Car Emergency Makeup Kit

Here’s what’s in it:

  1. Soap & Glory Kickass Concealer & Powder: You can easily cover your flaws, whether it be under the eyes or on your face, with this concealer palette that comes with two shades. The peachy undertoned one is perfect for dark circles and the yellowish one for the face. It also comes with a setting powder and a puff so you can set it properly! Plus, this serves as a mirror for me to apply the other products with.
  2. NARS Multiple: Another incredible multitasker – the NARS Multiple can be worn as a blush and a lip color (eyelids too actually). I love this shade Malibu! It’s an earthy, brick red and looks so natural on the lips and cheeks, it’s just a few shades darker than my lip color. The one I have (shown here) is a travel size which you can occasionally get in gift sets. Can’t get this exact product? Simply grab your favorite lipstick and you can dab it on your cheeks and use it as a cream blush!
  3. Rimmel Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner Review & Swatches: Long lasting, intensely pigmented and budge proof cream shadow and liner in one? Yes, please! Simply swipe the lid shade across the lids and blend out-and-upwards with your finger. You can use the liner to softly line your upper lashline.  Check out my review of the whole range here.
  4. Model Co Eyeliner + Mascara: Yet another great multitasker. Mascara on one end, liquid liner on the other. Mascara is a must-wear for most women, but the liquid liner is a nice bonus. If you’ve got extra time, go ahead and line away!
  5. L’Oreal Brow Artist SculptAin’t no mommies got time for Instagram-perfect brows, but you still need to fill in those sparse areas. Or maybe you just need to tame them. Either way, tinted brow gels are the way to go when you’re in a rush because it sets the hair in place and it fills in those sparse areas. Plus, this lasts the whole entire day! So many features in one tiny bottle! (I’m honestly not sure where to get this online, but will update this post once I know!).

What are you car/emergency kit must-haves? Do share with me!

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