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Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer Review

I’m so excited that my favorite skincare brand is now starting to introduce makeup products! They recently released two new primers, one of which is the HydraBlur Primer, a foundation primer that focuses on “blurring” fine lines and pores.

The incredible thing about this product is that it is a fusion of skincare and cosmetics primer!

The name “HydraBlur” itself is a fusion betweeng the words “hydrate” and “blur” as it aims to hydrate the skin whilst blurring any imperfections it might have.

A lot of primers out there focus on the benefits of makeup application, thus infusing a lot of comedogenic waxes and fillers in their primers that will lead to congestion, irritation, and sensitivity. Dermalogica claims that their primers optimise skin health while also preparing skin for makeup.

Let’s see if this primer lives up to its claims. Check out my Dermalogica HydraBlur Primer review below!


Claims & Ingredients

Dermalogica claims that the HydraBlur Primer will reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines without drying the skin and mattifies against an oily shine, providing a silky, luminous finish.

It is targeted towards people with dry or dehydrated skin as the “intense, sustained-release moisturisation locks in ideal hydration levels and controls Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL)”, thus maintaining moisture balance throughout the day.

Unique, microencapsulated colour technology releases bursts of colour upon application to provide light coverage and balance all skin tones while enhancing radiance.

2016-04-11 10.02.05

Ingredients and benefits include:

  • H2ORelease Complex of Sodium Hyaluronate, Algin and Trehalose optimizes hydration levels and helps provide sustained, intense moisturisation throughout the day;
  • Abyssinian Seed Oil smooths skin texture and tone by creating a non-occlusive film that helps maintain critical moisture balance, without clogging pores;
  • Mattifiers reduce oily sheen and disguise the appearance of fine, dry lines to create an even canvas with a blurred effect;
  • Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract reduces pore visibility and size;
  • Wu-Zhu-Yu (Evodia Rutaecarpa) Fruit Extract enhances skin radiance by boosting microcirculation; and
  • Micro-encapsulated tint releases upon application to provide neutral coverage.



The texture of the primer is very creamy, but once blended out, it feels so soft and smooth, much like traditional primers out there like the Benefit Porefessional and Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.

2016-04-11 10.02.42

The thing I love most about the texture is that it doesn’t ball up or become gritty when rubbed against my moisturizer or sunscreen, which often happens with lots of primers I’ve tried before. It also sets and gets absorbed into the skin within seconds. Perfect for rushed makeup application!

The primer also has tiny specks of black pigments in it, but don’t worry, it disappears once blended. Those are actually the “micro-encapsulated tint” mentioned in the ingredients above. They simply neutralize the skin color.



The primer comes in a slim tube packaging and perfectly fits in any makeup bag!

2016-04-11 10.02.26

It is dispensed from a hole, and the opening is pretty small, making it easier to dispense the perfect amount of product you desire.



I’ve been using this primer nonstop for over a week, and as much as I wanted to change it up and try other primers in my stash, I just keep going back to this primer – and that’s how I know I am in love with this primer.

The results I see in my skin after applying this on my skin are:

  • Refined pores
  • Blurred hyperpigmentation
  • Smoother texture (smooths out dry patches)
  • Less congestions even after wearing makeup for over 8 hours

As for fine lines, I fortunately don’t have lines or wrinkles on my face yet, hehe. So I can’t testify whether this will disguise them or not.



Primers similar to this would be the Benefit Porefessional and the Maybelline Baby Skin, but I find that with those two, they don’t necessarily make my foundation last all day. They simply smooth out the texture of the skin. However, I find that they don’t smooth out my dry patches or flakey skin. My nose and mouth area often have dry patches, and I find that this primer helps smooth out those areas. I think it’s because this primer has more hydrating ingredients than the Benefit and Maybelline ones.

The Hourglass Mineral Veil, a favorite of mine, is also similar but it has a thinner and runnier consistency. However, when overapplied, it can actually make my foundation melt away so much faster! So it’s a bit tricky to apply.

This primer is much easier to apply, you can’t go wrong with it – and it also surprisingly helped my makeup last so much longer!



This retails for US$46 at Ulta.

In Australia, this is available from for a discounted price of AU$56! Original retail price is AU$70.


Final Verdict

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this product because while most silicone-based primers will break me out or clog my pores, this one doesn’t. At all. It doesn’t ball up on top of moisturizers too!

It smoothed out my pores, slightly brightens my complexion, and makes foundation application a breeze.

For US$46/AU$56, it is pretty pricey knowing that you only get 22ml of product, but if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin with pores that get easily clogged up, I highly recommend this primer. Dermalogica is an excellent skincare brand, so you can rest assured that whatever makeup product they create should be very safe for the skin. 😉


Beauty Bucketeer Approved


Disclaimer: This product was generously provided by for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review.

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