Review: Topshop Lipsticks

I can’t believe I never bothered browsing through the beauty aisles of Topshop! Now I’m hooked!

Here’s a quick review on these two adorable lippies that I just snatched from Topshop Emporium two Sundays ago!

Hey, loves!
Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past almost-two-weeks! Been swamped with tons of work from a number of exciting projects I’m working on. One of them was revamping my makeup artistry website – check it out here! I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on hiring a web designer, so I had to do everything myself and am proud of the outcome! It’s still not perfect though, but it’ll get there in a few days’ time. 🙂
Now, I have I’ve been a huge Topshop fan for years but I can’t believe I’ve never bothered going through their beauty aisle! I feel like giving myself a big slap – or punch – on the head!
I’ve only ever purchased one of their nail polish sets because it was in the register queueing line, and I ended up liking their polishes. Can’t believe I never bothered swatching the makeup products.
So, last Sunday I was accompany le hubby in Topshop (yes, I was actually the one accompanying him! LOL) and I got bored… So I thought, why not check out the beauty aisle?
Long story short – I was so surprised and impressed!
I found my new favorite cheap lippies! Omagaaah.
So here’s what I purchased:
Two lipsticks and an eyeliner brush (which I LOVE!) – and the two lipsticks are Partition (Creamy Finish) and Brighton Rock (Matte Finish).
Check out the swatches below:
Partition is described as a clear, bright true raspberry fuschia – pretty much identical to Lancome Rouge in Love “Midnight Rose 377” but about half the price! It has a creamy finish and is a bliss to apply. It’s very smooth, even and hydrating. My lips were in a chapped condition when I first wore this, but the lipstick didn’t make it worse. I’m so impressed!
Brighton Pink has a satin matte finish and is a vivid hot/shocking pink shade. It has a very similar, creamy finish to the Partition though, so I’m not sure if it truly is a satin matte shade. It is slightly drier than Partition, but still too creamy to be considered a matte shade. Doesn’t matter though, still a beautiful, vibrant shade!
Check out the lip swatches below:
Here’s my lips without any lip products – as you can see they’re very chapped.
And here’s one layer of Brighton Rock! It’s so creamy that it somehow “hides” the flakiness.
Both of these shades have amazing moisture and does not irritate the lips or cause chapping. If anything, they actually conceal the cracked lips.
Application is a breeze because the shape of the bullet fits the lips perfectly. The tip is very sharp and I love that about lipsticks! Since the texture is very creamy and pigmented, it also applies very evenly. It doesn’t drag on the lips and is not streaky at all.
They lasted for about 3 hours before becoming more of a stain. In total, they lasted about 6 hours, which is amazing for any lipstick!
Brighton Rock as a stain after 4-5 hours of wear.
One of the best things about these lipsticks are the packaging, though. It’s so adorable without being overly cutesy or girly.
Lastly, I just wanted to show you some photos of the liner brush. It’s a flat dome-shaped brush and is my favorite type of liner brush. I loved applying gel liner on my clients with this!
It’s tiny and the perfect size to bring travelling with me!
All in all, I highly recommend these Topshop goodies!
Will definitely try more of their beauty stuff soon!
Do you have any Topshop Beauty favorites?
Let me know in the comments below, I would love to give them a try!

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