Review: LORAC Mega Pro Palette

I remember when the first photo of this palette surfaced in social media – people went nuts! I honestly couldn’t fathom the excitement over this product. It’s basically two LORAC Pro palettes in one – containing 16 matte shades (top rows) and 16 shimmer shades (bottom rows) but the range of colors seemed meh in pictures. However, the more swatches I saw online, the more intrigued I was to give this palette a try.

After all, LORAC Pro Palettes 1 and 2 were such a hit for me, so this couldn’t be that bad, right?

Read on to see swatches and what my thoughts are! Love it, or leave it?


LORAC Pro packaging is always on point – I love how sleek, minimalistic and thin they are. Saves a lot of space! The Mega Pro Palette is approximately the size of two Pro Palettes as seen below.

Height-wise, it’s equal to two LORAC Pro palettes as seen above. The width is exactly the same as the Pro palettes.

However, because of how thin it is, I’m not quite sure how shatter-proof this is.


So, the top two rows are matte shadows, and the bottom two rows are the shimmer shadows of the corresponding top row shades. I like how they separated it that way – makes it easier to choose the colors and finishes.32 shades is quite a lot – so I expect a wide variety of shades, but sadly they are very repetitive, especially the nude shades.


Cream, White and Fawn are all matte shades but they are very, very similar to a point where they’re interchangeable. It’s even comparable with Lilac, a very pale lilac purple shade.

Khaki is a few tones lighter than Stone. Camel, Brown and Sepia are also similar nude browns with different tones.

As for the darker shades, Black and Caviar, and even Indigo which is a black shade with purple shimmery glitters, they are also somewhat interchangeable.

I honestly can’t understand why there has to be so many interchangeable nudes. Rather than packing a palette with too many nude shades, why not add a bit more color to it?

This palette, although it has 32 shades, lacks greens and blues. Instead of packing in too many nudes and transition colors, why not add just one blue and one green shade?

I understand that maybe the creators wanted a palette with plenty of transitional shades, and maybe they actually intended the palette to be used alongside other colorful palettes, but I personally don’t need that many. Even as a makeup artist working with a variety of skintones and undertones, I never needed that many transitional shades.

I do adore the purple-red-mauvey shades like Wisteria, Mulberry and Merlot. The darker nude browns like Smokey Topaz, Copper and Sienna are also beautiful although it’s weird that this palette also doesn’t have a gold shade. Having something like Urban Decay’s Half Baked would actually be nice!

On the brighter side, this palette is very versatile and is excellent for people who are new to makeup because there are a variety of nudes to experiment with and a few brighter colors. However, I’m honestly not sure if I would use this palette on its own.

However, I must say, compared to the LORAC Pro Palette and Pro Palette 2 combined, the color range is very limited. There’s much more variety when the Pro Palette and Pro Palette 2 is combined!


Although the range of colors is pretty saddening, I must say, the quality of these eyeshadows are impeccable. LORAC never fails when it comes to the quality of their eyeshadows.They’re all so buttery smooth, although a tad powdery and sometimes would have a bit of fallouts, but they’re so incredibly velvety smooth, plush and pigmented.

Some shades are sheerer than others, though. For example, Granite is surprisingly quite sheer, but fortunately buildable.

It’s also worth noting that these shades can be used wet or dry. They’re much more vibrant when applied wet!



I purchased this off of Amazon and it retailed for $59. Considering a normal Pro Palette (1 and 2) cost $42, $59 for twice as many shadows is very economical.


I’m giving this palette a 3.5/5 because I’m honestly very disappointed with the range of colors even though the quality is impeccable and it is quite versatile.I don’t regret getting this palette, I love the quality of it and the different types of nudes, but it’s not that much of a “must have” palette for me, frankly speaking, and I still don’t understand the CRAZY hype around this.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this palette! I’d love to know what you think!

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