Sigma Lip Switch Review & Swatches

Sigma Lip Switch

Holographic things have been trending everywhere, but one thing that broke the internet and sent beauty mavens into a frenzy were the Sigma Lip Switch holographic lip glosses.

They look so dreamy in the tube, but do they translate well on the lips?

Check out my thoughts on the Sigma Lip Switch lip glosses below!

Disclaimer: These products were generously provided for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No monetary payment was received for this review.


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These come in five shades, and I was sent four shades swatched below.

Sigma Lip Switch Swatches

From left to right, the colors are:

  • Transcent: Purple opalescence
  • Double Whammy: Green and lavender duochrome
  • Flip Flop: Orange Holographic
  • Pink Lotus: Prismatic Pink

The only shade I didn’t get to try is Other Wordly, described as a frosty green.

These can be worn alone or layered over an existing lip color for an even more intense effect.

The disappointing thing about these is that they have to be built up so thick for the colors to show up. I didn’t even bother doing lip swatches because they all ended up looking exactly the same. I had to apply about 7-8 layers for the holographic effect to be visible, which ended up being very uncomfortable on the lips.

However, when worn as a traditional lip gloss, they do have a gorgeous glow and sheen, giving the lips an almost-wet look.



When worn as a traditional lipgloss (up to two light layers on the lips), they’re very comfortable on the lips – not too goopy or sticky, but not too wet or runny either. They somehow remind me of lip oils! They’re certainly nourishing but don’t stick on to hair or clothes too easily.

The downside to wearing them as a traditional lipgloss is that the holographic colors and effects won’t be visible. However, they are undoubtedly very uncomfortable to wear when layered up too much.

I guess we’d have to compromise either our comfort or the holographic effect, and it all comes down to the purpose of wearing the gloss.



As a traditional gloss these wear for about 4-5 hours, which is pretty good for a lipgloss. However I’ve never bothered having this on with a thick layer for too long since it was too uncomfortable for me (even almost nauseating!).



The tube packaging is clear which makes it easy for us to tell the colors apart.

The applicator is a thin paint brush that is very stiff and tough with fibers that need to be deliberately “broken” apart with a little push at first application. I actually like the applicator as it helps us achieve accuracy.



I really like these as traditional lip glosses, I really do. They have a sweet scent (but not overly sweet that they’re nauseating) and gives the lips a gorgeous, glossy finish. However, unless you don’t mind using these in thick layers for the holographic effect, I don’t think you need to invest in more than one color.

If I had to choose one, I’d go with Double Whammy as it had the most visible holographic effect with the least amount of product. I could see a slight rainbow effect on the lips even with just 2-3 layers, although they didn’t last long.

So, I honestly would buy this again, but only in one shade.

Have you ever given holographic lipglosses a try? What are your thoughts?


AVAILABLE FROM: Currently sold out, but will update this post if it ever becomes available again.



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