Sisterhood of World Tag

I was tagged by Samileen from A Beauty Detour a while ago to do the “Sisterhood of World” tag! Her answers were so much fun to read, you should definitely check her post out!

1. It’s 2 am, what are you up to?

Fast asleep because whenever baby’s asleep, you should be too! (I would’ve probably said “being on Youtube, browsing through Pinterest, or having TV show marathons” if I were asked this last year! LOL.)

But sometimes I’d be feeding or playing around with my baby around that time. If he napped too much during the day he’d be very active at night! Yikes.

2. Are you an all-time-partier or home-body?

I stay home as much as I can! I’m so boring. LOL.

3. What’s your phone’s lock screen background?

Ha. Don’t judge.

This has been my wallpaper for the past 2-3 years. LOL.

4. Your dream vacation?

I honestly don’t enjoy hanging around doing nothing for too long, even with an incredible ocean view. I much prefer travelling around! I’m a globetrotter and love discovering new places. Currently on top of my places-to-visit list are Dubai and small, traditional cities in Japan!

5. What was your first makeup product?

This will come as a surprise for many, but my first makeup product ever was a traditional Arabic powder kohl eyeliner! It looked something like this:

My mom gave it to me because I wanted an eyeliner that isn’t too bold. I grew up in a private school where makeup was a strict no-no, so I didn’t start wearing makeup until I was about 18 or 19, and by the time I was ready to wear makeup, I was still a bit shy about stepping out with too much of it, so going the natural route was the way to go!

Powder liners look very soft (although it’s definitely buildable) and can be easily diffused, so I wasn’t too scared to wear it!

6. Five products on your wishlist?

I honestly have purchased everything on my beauty wishlist at the moment (Yay Sephora VIB Sale!) but I’d love to buy more Tom Ford, Cle de Peau and YSL products!

7. Worst social media site in your point of view?

I have to agree with Sami, I really don’t understand Twitter. 140 characters is way too short LOL. I used to be on it a lot though, but ever since I started using Instagram, tweeting seemed obsolete.

8. What freaks you out the most?

Anything scaly. Like fish and reptiles. Yuck.

9. How would you react if all your makeup got stolen?

Cry, of course. My house content is completely insured though, including makeup (thank goodness for home insurance), so I’d probably get a lot of it back (monetarily) but my initial reaction would definitely be an episode of inconsolable sobbing accompanied by mild hyperventilation because most of my makeup are either discontinued or limited edition!

10. Pet peeves?

People who can’t spell properly. Native English speakers should be able to differentiate between there/their/they’re, addition/edition, peek/peak (as in sneak peek), lose/loose… Seriously, people! It’s your mother-tongue! Unbelievable.

Well, that’s it folks! I’d like to tag all of my followers to do this tag, it’s a fun and simple way to get to know each other a bit better! Leave a comment below with a link to your post if you decide to do this tag!
Have a lovely weekend!

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