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    Skin Rejuvenation Techniques To Try

    When you hear the terms “skin resurfacing” and “skin rejuvenation” you might think they are interchangeable, but the reality is that they are two often different things. Skin resurfacing refers to procedures which specifically target the surface of your skin, such as laser peels and chemical peels. However, skin rejuvenation procedures include resurfacing techniques as well as procedures of any kind that are designed to make your skin look better, even if those procedures treat deeper skin tissues.

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    Dermalogica Face Fit Review

    Dermalogica Face Fit

    I just submitted my final dissertation for my Master of Arts degree last week, and I literally had zero hours of sleep two days before submission. So getting a Dermalogica Face Fit was exactly what I needed.

    The Dermalogica Face Fit is an express facial treatment, done in 10 minutes, for a quick pick-me-up to boost skin radiance and hydration. The 10-minute treatment costs only $15 and is fully redeemable on product purchases!

    There are a variety of treatments you can choose from, including: Dewy Skin, Perfectly Primed, Power Peel, Rapid Hydration Booster, Brilliant Eyes and Rapid Radiance.

    I’ve had two of these treatments done, one for the face and one for the skin. Here’s how it went.

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