Dermalogica Face Fit Review

Dermalogica Face Fit

I just submitted my final dissertation for my Master of Arts degree last week, and I literally had zero hours of sleep two days before submission. So getting a Dermalogica Face Fit was exactly what I needed.

The Dermalogica Face Fit is an express facial treatment, done in 10 minutes, for a quick pick-me-up to boost skin radiance and hydration. The 10-minute treatment costs only $15 and is fully redeemable on product purchases!

There are a variety of treatments you can choose from, including: Dewy Skin, Perfectly Primed, Power Peel, Rapid Hydration Booster, Brilliant Eyes and Rapid Radiance.

I’ve had two of these treatments done, one for the face and one for the skin. Here’s how it went.


Step One: Face Mapping Skin Analysis

Before treatment started, my therapist performed a Face Mapping Skin Analysis on my skin to determine the issues on different areas of my skin.

She started off by checking my skin’s hydration levels with this super cool device! A healthy skin has a moisture level of higher than 40.0, but people on average would only be about 20.0-25.0, so I was a bit nervous when she tested my skin with this because I often have dry/dehydrated skin!

She placed the metal end of the device on my cheek and the numbers started rising… *cue the drumrolls* My moisture level was a whooping 41.0! (Thank you, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream! LOL.) My forehead was only about 28.5 though, which is still good considering it’s still above average.

We then decided to give my skin a combination of the Power Peel, Rapid Hydration Booster, and Rapid Radiance treatments.


Step Two: Cleansing

I then had my skin cleansed using the Dermalogica Precleanse (which happens to be my holy grail cleansing oil, featured here!) then followed by the Special Cleansing Gel, which is a gentle foaming cleanser.


Step Three: Treatment

After this everything seemed like a blur to me because it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep on my bar stool, but I did remember seeing my therapist mix a few products into a small bowl and applying them on my face – I think she combined the Daily Microfoliant with some other stuff.


The interesting thing is that she used this device (photographed on the left) to massage the products into the skin. The device is supposed to help the products get absorbed into the skin better and has four different settings, depending on the type of product used.


Step Four: Hydration

To hydrate my skin, my therapist sprayed my face with the Antioxidant Hydramist then moisturized my skin and finished off with a tinted primer.

After the whole treatment was over she used the hydration level device again to see how my moisture levels were, and they slightly increased! I forgot the exact numbers but it increased by one or two points on both my cheeks and forehead.


Final Verdict

So, who is this for?

I recommend this if you’re looking for a quick skin pick-me-up. You can even do this during your lunch break! They won’t remove your eye makeup and will finish off the treatment with their tinted moisturizing primer, so you won’t be left with slimy, inflamed or reddish skin after the treatment – you can absolutely head back to work after this treatment.

This is not an intricate and thorough facial treatment that involves extraction, light treatments or laser treatments. This express facial simply involves massaging and exfoliating the skin with products.

I truly, thoroughly enjoyed my express treatments and will be coming back for more! I seriously can’t recommend this enough because $15 (redeemable on products!) for 10 minutes of heaven during a super hectic, busy day is worth every penny.

Give your nearest Dermalogica counter a call to make an appointment! Or if you’re lucky, walk-ins might be available too.

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