The No-Makeup Makeup Look: Arbonne Cosmetics Review


Sorry for the late post! This was supposed to be up yesterday, but I wanted to include photos from my makeup look using these products so I had to wait ’til the morning to take the photos.

Anyway, today’s review will be on a few makeup items from Arbonne! I have never tried anything from them before, so I was so excited when I received these goodies in September. Yes, way back in September!

I have played around with it a lot over the past few months and I gotta say, I’m pretty damn impressed! All these products are my go-to for an effortless, every day “no makeup” makeup look.

Check out my Arbonne Cosmetics review below.

First off, here are swatches of the products:

Arbonne Swatches

Now let’s get on to the products!


Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick in Terra

When heavily swatched, this looks like an intimidating dark, reddish terracotta earth-toned nude. I don’t know why this looks so dark and intimidating when swatched, but on the lips, it looks just like lip color! Maybe because I applied a very light layer?

On the lips, it looks much browner and has a gorgeous slightly metallic finish.

Arbonne Face (3)

The formula is very creamy and comfortable to wear, but it doesn’t have a super long weartime. It only lasted about 2 hours on my lips. I find that this is great as an every day lipstick because it’s smooth and moisturizing, and is a great add-on for an overall natural look.


Arbonne Eyeliner in Toffee/Caramel

This is a pencil liner with a very waxy formula. It kind of tugs on the skin when applied, and the color is a very soft, muted greyish brown. I was wearing this on my eyes in the photos but it’s not that intense or obvious, it just looks like it gives the lashline a shadowy look, thus still giving it a bit of a dimension.

Arbonne Face (1)This is why I think this liner is perfect for a “no makeup” makeup look!

Instead of lining your eyes with an intense black line, why not just give it a little bit of a “shadow” to slightly deepen it and let your mascara do the rest. I was wearing the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara in this photo.

Another thing I’ve been doing with this liner is using it as an eyebrow pencil and guess what? It’s PERFECT for it! Why?

This pencil has a waxy formula, as I mentioned before, the wax helps keep unruly brow hairs in place. The color is also perfect because it’s not too brown, not too grey either! As an Asian, I find it incredibly difficult to find a shade this on-point! I’m so glad I decided to use this as eyebrow pencil! Found my new favorite!


Oh and the wax also makes them last so much longer! Totally budge proof and sweat proof!


Arbonne Sheer Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

This is a very, very sheer tinted moisturizer but it actually does a pretty good job at evening out the skin tone and providing the skin a gorgeous, effortless luminous glow.

I’m not wearing any highlighter in these photos so you can see the sheerness of the coverage, but I can definitely see a glow on my cheeks even without highlighter – so I’m very happy about that!

Arbonne Face (2)

This doesn’t have great longevity, probably only around 6-8 hours of wear but it doesn’t transfer or slide around the face uncontrollably, which is always good.

Again, I think this why is an excellent tinted moisturizer for an effortless “no makeup” look! You get that glow even without highlighter!


Arbonne Blush in Dusty Rose

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE out of all these products. It looks very pale on the pan, but turns out to be a very gorgeous, muted dusty pink.

I was honestly skeptical about this blush because it looked so pale and it’s very glittery on the pan. I mean, look at THAT!

Arbonne Blush

Fortunately, the glitter doesn’t show up much on the skin, even when heavily swatched (see swatch photos above).

Gorgeous natural color, great longevity, no chunky glitter all over the face, just perfect!


Arbonne Bronzer

This is also another great product from the bunch. It’s a greyish brown bronzer with a yellow undertone and satin finish. It has a tiny bit of glitter, but again, it doesn’t really show up on the skin.

Arbonne Bronzer

I’m really enjoying this bronzer and my favorite thing about it is actually its satin finish, it sort of makes the skin look smoother. The shade is also a bit greyish which makes it look like natural shadow on the skin.




I actually also have a very pale matte pink eyeshadow and I was wearing it on my eyes in the photos, but it was so transparent that I thought it’d be pointless to include it here, but the formula is very smooth and buttery! It gives the lids a slight, effortless “lift” without making it too obvious.

So have you ever tried anything from Arbonne?

Let me know what your favorite Arbonne products are!

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