Honest Beauty Review

Honest Beauty Review

Back during the Christmas holidays I was lucky enough to be able to pop into the Honest Beauty flagship store at The Grove in Los Angeles. I’ve always been interested and curious to try Honest Beauty products, but I’ve always been reluctant to try new things that I have to buy online. I always prefer being able to touch and test products first before buying them, so I was so glad I could play around with all the makeup and skincare in store!

Honest Beauty, founded by Jessica Alba, only creates makeup that contain the most natural ingredients. They are all paraben, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum, and cruelty free!

Check out my Honest Beauty review below!

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First off, let’s appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is!

The grey-themed packaging makes them all look so sleek and posh.

Honest Beauty Review

I love how they’re all so minimalistic and convenient for travel, not too fancy schmancy and unnecessarily bulky.


Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Soft Sand Review

The eyeshadow trios that I purchased are in Soft Sand and Heather Mauve.

Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio (1)Packaging

Again, I like how slim and conveniently packaged these are. The shadows come in a cardboard packaging and come with a mirror too.

Even though they come in a cardboard packaging, they’re very sturdy and aren’t too fragile. I’ve gone traveling with them and they never shattered.


The shades in Soft Sand are brown neutrals and are perfect for everyday use.

It comes with a neutral brown transition shade, a dark espresso brown for the outer corners/crease, and a shimmery champagne for an all-over-lid and highlight shade.

Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Swatches - Soft Sand (1)


The formula really caught me by surprise. I never expected eyeshadows that are so natural could be so intensely pigmented and buttery!

They’re not overly powdery or dusty at all.

There are slight fallouts with the darker shades but that commonly happens with super pigmented shadows so I’m not disappointed.

All the swatches here were taken with just one swipe of the product. How intense are they?!

Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Swatches - Soft Sand (2)Longevity

They lasted over 8 hours on my lids.

I honestly have never had to wear them for more than 8 hours, but I think they would be able to last longer because when I removed them, they were still intensely pigmented with almost no signs of fading, which is very impressive especially for the shimmery champagne shade.


This retails for US$25 on Ulta and the Honest Beauty website.


Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Heather Mauve Review

Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Swatches - Heather Mauve (1)These have the same packaging and quality as the trio in Soft Sand!


The colors included are a matte dusty mauve transition shade, a satin deep plum for the outer corners, and a shimmery shell pink for the lids and highlight.

As you can see the colors in their trios come with a nice pattern, it will always include a transition shade, a dark contour/crease shade, and a lid/highlight shade. This makes it easy for us to do a complete eye look with just one palette/trio!

As you can see below, they’re just as intensely pigmented as the shadows in the Soft Sand trio.

Honest Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Swatches - Heather Mauve (2)


This retails for US$25 at Ulta and the Honest Beauty website.


Honest Beauty Creme Blush in Truly Flirting Review

Honest Beauty Creme Blush Truly Flirting Swatches This is quite possibly my favorite purchase out of the bunch! I love the eyeshadows too but I find myself reaching for this baby the most.

I featured them in my February 2016 Makeup Favorites because that’s how much I love it! It’s my all-time favorite cream blush (so far!).


This cream blush can be worn on the cheeks, lips and even the eyelids because the formula isn’t oily, waxy or goopy like some cream blushes out there. They’re very easy to blend and are long lasting on the skin.

SHonest Beauty Creme Blush Truly Flirting Swatches hades

They come in six variety of shades, and I had a hard time picking out just one shade out of the whole range! I was torn between Truly Thrilling, a soft pink; Truly Exciting, a rosy pink; and this shade, Truly Flirting, a bright raspberry pink.

This shade looks very soft on the website, but in reality it’s much brighter and can sometimes look more like watermelon pink.



This retails for US$22 at Ulta and the Honest Beauty website.


Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder in Midnight Reflection Review

I was sooo looking forward to being obsessed with this natural-looking luminizing powder, but at first, this fell short of my expectations and I was disappointed. I just couldn’t see a difference on my skin.

This came in three shades: Midnight Reflection (ivory), Dawn Reflection (peach), and Dusk Reflection (bronze).

 Honest Beauty Luminizing PowderSo I was expecting Midnight Reflection to be a highlighter, and when I swatched this in store, it had a gorgeous glow and sheen, but when I went home to apply it on my cheeks I felt as though it didn’t show up at all.

After a few tries, I realized that this is meant to be like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and Guerlain Meteorites, and not a full-on cheek highlighter like Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfectors.

This is swatched above, next to the swatches of the creme blush. As you can see it has very minimal shimmers, it looks more like a normal setting powder, but it actually gives the skin a nice lit-from-within glow, sheen and luminosity when swept across the cheekbones and forehead.

If you’re looking for a cheek highlighter, this is not the product for you, but if you’re looking for a setting powder with great oil control that gives you a nice, dewy finish – this is it! I love it!


This retails for US$25 at Ulta and the Honest Beauty website.


Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation in Camel Review

The Everything Cream Foundation, infused with chamomile, calendula, vitamin E, and jojoba oil, is a full-coverage cream foundation that can also work as a concealer.

I must say, this product is truly remarkable, but is sadly the one I use the least because I no longer match the shade!

Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation SwatchesShade

I don’t know why but my skin tone is currently much lighter than it was during the Christmas holidays.

I bought the shade Camel, which was a great match for my skin back then. I noticed it was a bit too yellow, but it was my best match because if I had gotten one shade lighter it would’ve been too light for me.

So I was actually in between the shade Camel (honey with dark yellow undertones) and Sand (buff with beige undertones). However, I’m now definitely a Sand because Camel makes my skin look so muddy and yellow.

As you can see on my wrist swatch below (my face and wrist are almost the same in tone), the foundation covers my veins really well, but the color is way too dark and yellow.

Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation Swatches

So I sadly never use this anymore. I hope I can get a bit more tanned soon and wear this again!


I’ve had a chance to wear this several times, though, and every time I wore it, I actually like it. It’s amazing for days when I’m too lazy to wear a separate foundation and concealer. This works as both, so I can just dip my foundation kabuki brush in this and swirl it all over my face. For my under eyes, I usually use the puff that it comes with so that I can get more coverage.


The formula is very thick and creamy, but if blended properly, it feels very lightweight on the skin!


This retails for US$30 at Ulta or the Honest Beauty website.


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