Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Review and Swatches

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

I got too overexcited when the mailman came with my Kylie Jenner Lip Kits this morning that I immediately slabbed Mary Jo K on before I could even make breakfast.

These have been so hyped about in the beauty community so much that I finally gave in and got myself three of eight shades (initially wanted an additional two but they were sold out!). Best thing is, they came so much sooner than I expected – less than a week after I ordered them. Yup. Crazy.

Are these worth the hype though?

I’ve only had these on for a few hours so I can’t say much, but I am way too overexcited about these that I had to post about them TODAY.


There are currently eight shades in the range, and the three I got are swatched below:

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches in Mary Jo K, Dolce K, and Candy K.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches in Mary Jo K, Dolce K, and Candy K.


Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches (3)

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Mary Jo K

Mary Jo K is a bright, cool-toned true red but for some reason the undertone of the liquid lipstick is slightly warmer than the lipliner when worn on the lips. So the two shades don’t exactly match.

Oh and by the way, forgive me, the lip swatch somehow turned out much warmer – in reality it’s slightly darker and cooler-toned.


Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dolce K

Dolce K is a brownish nude beige. This colors of this lipliner and liquid lipstick combo is the only pair that is an exact match. They complement each other so nicely.

This is a very wearable nude as it’s not too light, but not too intimidatingly dark like True Brown K.


Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Candy K

Candy K is a warm-toned nude pink and is my favorite!

The lipliner reminds me so much of my all-time favorite lipliner, Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk. However, the liquid lipstick somehow ends up looking much cooler-toned than the lipliner after it dries, but both are still gorgeous colors.


Formula & Longevity

The Mary Jo K lip liner was the only lipliner out of the bunch that seemed to bleed out of the lipline. It even bled out a bit when swatched on the arm. They also disappear pretty fast, only lasting about 1-2 hours on the lips. I’m personally not too impressed with the Mary Jo K lip liner.

In the photo below, I swiped my thumb across the swatches about 45 minutes after I applied them on my arm. As you can see the Mary Jo K smudged pretty badly, but look at how smudge proof the liquid lipsticks are!

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches (2)

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Swatches in Mary Jo K, Dolce K, and Candy K.

As for the liquid lipsticks, I’ve only tried the Mary Jo K (others I only swatched for the photo) and it felt a bit tight on the lips in the first hour, but after about 45 minutes to an hour, it really hugs the lips and won’t budge. I wore this while eating breakfast and lunch today, and the longevity is so impressive! I can’t wait to try the others!

Update: It’s been almost two weeks since I first tried these lipsticks and I can happily confirm that the Mary Jo K can last up to 10 hours on me, while the other two lighter colors last for up to 6 to 7 hours, even with food and drinks!



Application was a bit tricky at first because the texture of the liquid lipsticks are very runny and thin, so it’s easy to go overboard! The first time I applied this, I had it all over my teeth!

I find that the best way to apply the liquid lipsticks is, after applying the lipliner, to swipe a thin layer on, purse your lips together ever-so-lightly, and use the applicator to smooth it out.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Applicator (1)

The slanted doe-foot applicator has very fine, short bristles and isn’t too fluffy – making precise application so much more achievable.


Final Verdict

So, are they worth their US$29 price tag? I think so. Remember that you get two products here –  a lipiner and a liquid lipstick.

I have yet to wear the other two shades but will update this post once I do.

Well, if you missed out on their recent restock, don’t worry. There are plenty of dupes out there. However, if you managed to get some, be happy for yourselves. They’re pretty darn amazing.

Now, on to waiting for the next restock. Will be getting Koko K and Posie K next!


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