Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter Swatches & Review

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters

The Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter is probably my favorite makeup release this year, and that’s a huge statement coming from someone like me.  I love the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer so much (read: Top 5 Best Affordable Drugstore Makeup), and the new Physicians Formula Butter Blush shades are incredible (read: Physicians Formula Butter Blush Review; this is a review of the old shades). So of course I was so excited for this range of highlighters!

Read my Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter Swatches & Review to see if they lived up to my expectations.

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These come in five shades but I only have four as they had just released the fifth shade recently, called Iridescent, and I can’t wait to get my hands on that!

The shades I have are Champagne, Rose Gold, Pink and Pearl.

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters Swatches

I like that they came out with a variety of shades, so there are shades for every skin tone. Darker skintones would look gorgeous with the Rose Gold, medium and tanned skin would love Champagne, and fairer skin would love Pearl. As for Pink, I think Pink looks stunning as a blush topper on anyone when used lightly.

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighters

I personally love Champagne and Pearl best against my light-medium skintone. The Rose Gold is pretty, but it’s a tad dark for my skin that it looks more like a blush (which I don’t mind on certain occasions), but so far I’ve really been liking Pearl the most. Pearl reminds me of my all-time favorite highlighter, Colourpop Flexitarian. I have yet to do a side-by-side comparison but they sure look similar! The only difference is the formula.

I love how these look on my skin, they give a beautiful sheen, almost wet-looking but so natural and gorgeous, without sparkly overly-shimmery particles that accentuate the pores.

I’ve tried Maybelline, L’Oreal, Wet & Wild, Milani and NYX highlighters (to name a few) but these are, hands down, my favorite drugstore highlighters. They’re jam-packed with pigment and are so soft and smooth on the skin, they blend like a dream.



The texture is really funny, I’ve never tried anything with this kind of texture before. It’s definitely creamy but slippery and kind of wet. When applied with fingers, they go on very smoothly because of their slippery and slightly-wet texture, and they also apply easily with a brush but you definitely get more pigmentation and opacity with your fingers.



One thing that impressed me the most about these are their longevity. I’ve had these on for more than 10 hours, one time I even had them on for more than 12 hours, and they still look visible on the skin after all that time. It’s insane. Seriously.



Size-wise these are smaller than the Bronzer and Blush, and are noticeably different in packaging too as they come in a twist-up jar and doesn’t come with a mirror and applicator. The reason they have to be securely packaged in a tight jar is because of their creamy formula that will dry out if stored improperly, so make sure you secure the lid tightly after use.



Although I won’t recommend you to grab every single shade in this line, I can’t recommend these highlighters enough. They’re so affordable (and you can often find discount codes and coupons) and they’re much, much better than most high-end highlighters out there.

Can you believe I reach for these more often than my Becca, MAC and Charlotte Tilbury highlighters?! They’re THAT good!


AVAILABLE FROM: Amazon ($10.95), Bed Bath & Beyond (select stores), Ulta (select stores), Physicians Formula ($10.95)



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