Madam Glam Chameleons Color Changing Gel Polish Review


Nail polish that changes color in different temperatures? YES, PLEASE!

The Madam Glam Chameleons Color Changing Gel Polish is a range of gel polishes that changes color depending on the temperature. Each polish have two color alternatives: one for cold, and one for hot.

I honestly have never heard of anything like this before, so I’m purdy damn excited to share this with you all! Best thing is, all my followers are entitled to a 30% discount on ALL Madam Glam products!

Check out my review here.

Disclaimer: Products were generously provided by Madam Glam, but no commissions are received from purchases based on this review.  All opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own.

Read on to find out how to get 30% off all Madam Glam products!


“Mamma Mia”

I chose the color Mamma Mia. It’s purple in its normal state and in the cold, but will turn pink in warmer temperatures. Mamma Mia also has glitters in it, which makes it even more beautiful!

Madam Glam Color Change Polish (6)

Madam Glam Chameleon Color Change Polish “Mamma Mia” in normal or low temperature


Madam Glam Color Change Polish (4)

Madam Glam Chameleon Color Change Polish “Mammia Mia” transitioning from low to high temperature (notice the tips are still purple?)


Madam Glam Color Change Polish (5)

Madam Glam Chameleon Color Change Polish “Mamma Mia” in high temperature


How gorgeous are they? I’m so obsessed with my nails now – I keep paying attention to them, observing when they’re transitioning from low to high temperatures and vice versa. So much fun!


Gel Kit

As these Color Change Polishes are gel-based, you do need an LED lamp and they’re sold separately. You don’t need to use the one from Madam Glam, any LED lamps would do! So if you’ve got an LED lamp already, you’re all set!

Madam Glam does sell a “Gel Kit” which costs $140 but comes with a mini LED lamp, 3 gel polishes of your choice, a wrap foil, a wood sticker and a nail file.

I was sent the Beginner’s Kit which contains the Base Coat, Top Coat, and the LED lamp.

Madam Glam Color Change Polish (2)

I couldn’t find this kit in the online store anymore, maybe they’ve sold out of it but it was definitely cheaper than the US$140 complete kit.

Madam Glam Color Change Polish (3)

If you don’t have an LED lamp at home, I highly recommend this Beginner’s Kit. I’ll update this post one I receive more information about the price and availability.

I love how tiny, yet effective, the LED lamp is – makes it so handy to bring around!



Application is easy peasy. Just like how you’d normally apply nail polish, it goes:

  1. base coat
  2. first layer of polish
  3. second layer of polish if necessary
  4. top coat.

However, because this is gel polish, you’ll have to have to put your fingers underneath the LED light after every polish application. So, you’ll use the LED lamp after top coat, after colored polish, and after the top coat. The lamp will turn on for about 20-30 seconds.

You can put the fingers under the light individually, but I was too impatient I decided to do the three middle fingers together, and the pinky and thumb separately.

Madam Glam Color Change Polish (7)

Simply place your finger(s) underneath the light and press the square power button on top.

FYI this process is called “curing”.

Madam Glam Color Change Polish (8)

The lamp will turn on for about 20-30 seconds. It normally takes up to 90 seconds to dry up the gel, so simply press the power button again if your gel polish is still a bit wet.


Madam Glam Color Change Polish (9)

How cool is that!

Don’t be surprised if your nails are still sticky or tacky after all that. It’s supposed to happen. All you have to do is remove the excess gel (that’s causing the tackiness) by wiping it off using a gel polish remover, pure alcohol, or pure acetone.

I honestly didn’t have any of those things! So I tried using the only thing I had at home, which were the Manicare Moisturising Nail Polish Remover Pads (only AU$4.99 at Priceline for 32 pads!) and they worked perfectly fine! My nails were immediately shiny and glossy after I removed the excess using the pads.

If your polish gets on to your cuticles or skin, don’t worry. Simply use a nail file to soften and get rid of it.



These Madam Glam Chameleon Color Changing Polishes retail for US$19.95 each, but Madam Glam were so generous to offer my followers 30% off of all of their products! (that’s US$13.97 per polish after discount!)

To get your discount, simply head on over to their site using this link and input the coupon code Beautybucketeer30 at checkout. This discount code won’t last forever so better get them soon!

Please note that I will not be receiving commissions from purchases made using any of these links or from the coupon code. I genuinely want you to try these polishes because they’re so different from everything I’ve seen out there in the market!


International Shipping

YES, they DO have International Shipping.

International shipping is FREE with purchases over US$80 (after any discount that might be applied). Otherwise, shipping is US$3.95 in USA and US$8.95 worldwide. So affordable!





What do you think of these polishes? Are you as intrigued as I am?

Let me know if you’ll be trying them out!

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