Review: Sephora VIB Rogue Formula X Nail Color in X ♥ Rogue

Hands down, best red nail polish I’ve ever tried!

This is an exclusive nail polish from Formula X for requalifying Sephora VIB Rogue members. BUT! I just found out that it’s actually available for online purchase through the Sephora website! Whee!

This is my third consecutive year as a Sephora VIB Rogue member (not sure if I should be happy or horrified, but I’m sharing the account with my mom so it’s not all me hehe) and I was so ecstatic when I got this polish a few months ago as a gift.

See the breakdown of this product here!


The shade is described as a “candy apple red” and I am head over heels in love with how classy and elegant the red shade turned out. It does look darker in person than in these pictures.

I’ve tried so many red polishes and some are either too cool-toned, and others too orange or warm-toned. I’d consider the tone of this polish neutral because it has a good balance of blue and yellow tones, but every so slightly leaning towards the warmer spectrum.

I just wish the pictures would be more true to color! I’ll figure out a way to adjust the lighting later.



The formula and opacity was what impressed me the most when I applied this. It has a very gel-like consistency and just one coat is 100% opaque. I used two coats just to make sure the color lasts.
It also dries really, really fast! I don’t remember how long exactly but it was definitely less than 10 minutes.


The finish is very glossy even without top coat. These pictures were taken with just two coats of the polish without top coat. How beautiful is that?!



I can’t find an exact dupe for this in my collection in terms of color and formula, but the closest is Deborah Lippmann’s “Lady Is A Tramp”, but the tone is a bit cooler. The X ♥ Rogue is a tinge warmer.

Formula-wise, the Deborah Lippmann applies much thinner than the thick, gel-like consistency of the Formula X. Streaks are visible with only one coat of the Deborah Lippmann, and is still see-through, while the Formula X one is completely opaque with one coat.

The Deborah Lippmann is also more expensive at $18 per bottle, whilst Formula X is $10.50 per bottle.

Of course I would rather go for the Formula X than the Deborah Lippmann!

Within the Formula X line, Pyrotechnic is the closest shade to X ♥ Rogue, it’s just a tinge warmer and brighter.

Formula X Nail Color in Pyrotechnic, described as “dynamite red” is probably the closest color
to  X ♥ Rogue, but a tinge warmer and brighter.  X ♥ Rogue is a darker, classier red.



I’ve just had this on since yesterday. I sadly have slight chipping on my left index finger and right thumb, but I haven’t used top coat on this, so I’m guessing it’s because I don’t have a base/top coat on?
I will be applying the Formula X top coat tonight and will update this post after 7 days!


All in all,  I have a great first impression on this product. I own three other Formula X polishes already and they’re all fantastic! They’re certainly one of my favorite polishes in my collection, and this shade is an excellent addition to my Formula X family!

Will be updating you all on the longevity of this polish next week!

In the mean time, anybody out there know a good and comparable drugstore dupe for this shade?

Let me know! 😉


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