Mani Mania: Sally Hansel Miracle Gel (Sugar Fix, B Girl, Get Mod)

I obviously can’t stay away from these Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes!

Just wanted to share this lovely and refreshing mani with you all!

Tried three different shades at once and they are so easy to apply even with a sponge!

Shades I used to create this look are:

  • 370 Sugar Fix (blue)
  • 240 B Girl (green)
  • 450 Get Mod (white)

I first applied the white shade as a base color, then applied the blue and green shades on a sponge, not on the nails. Then I just dab the sponge on to my nails! 🙂 It’s fully opaque after about 4-5 layers.

Applied this about four days ago and it’s still holding up well. I’m confident this will last for at least two weeks.

If you haven’t tried these polishes yet, I think it’s about time you make your way to the drugstore and check them out! I don’t think I’d be able to love any other polishes more!


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