Milani Rose Blush Review

Milani Rose Powder Blushes

I know I’m so late to the game! I actually purchased these way back in 2015 but somehow kept postponing it until now. The Milani Rose Blush are trending on social media for a reason. The rose embossing is just so breathtakingly beautiful and they retail for only $6-$9!

If you’re curious, check out my Milani Rose Powder Blush review below.

Disclaimer: Products reviewed were personally purchased but post may contain affiliate links.



First of all, permanent shades that I have are:

  • Romantic Rose
  • Coral Cove
  • Tea Rose

The three other shades I have are actually limited edition – they were part of Milani’s Summer 2015 collection. The shades are:

  • American Beauty Rose
  • Awakening Rose
  • Blossomtime Rose

However, Blossomtime Rose is still available on the Milani website so you can still get your hands on them if you’d like!

See the swatches below.

Milani Rose Powder Blushes Swatches

Milani Rose Powder Blushes Swatches (L – R): Romantic Rose, Coral Cove, Tea Rose, American Beauty Rose, Awakening Rose, Blossomtime Rose.

The three limited edition Summer 2015 colors have a luminous finish, which I love about them!

Milani Rose Powder Blushes Swatches

I love all except two shades: Coral Cove and Tea Rose even though the colors are gorgeous. Will discuss this below.



The color payoff of Romantic Rose and the three limited edition shades are pretty good – they’re not too intense, but they are definitely buildable.

Coral Cove and Tea Rose, however, are very patchy even though they could potentially have amazing color payoff and intensity if it wasn’t for their dry formula.



Romantic Rose has the smoothest, most creamy texture and is a breeze to blend. The color doesn’t apply patchily and it isn’t too dusty/powdery.

Coral Cove and Tea Rose are somehow dry and coarse to the touch, even getting a proper heavy swatch on my arm was difficult. Application is messy because it’s powdery, and it applies patchily because the dry pigments just won’t adhere to the skin.

The three limited edition shades have similar formulas. They’re not as creamy as Romantic Rose, but still blend easily and beautifully.



These blushes don’t have an excellent weartime to be honest. Maybe only 5-6 hours on me. This is a bummer because the Milani Baked Blushes have incredible longevity!



The packaging is probably the best thing about these blushes. Aren’t the 3D shape of the blushes just stunning? They were the main reasons I purchased these blushes! Good thing some of them are actually hits for me.

I also like that it comes with a clear lid so we can see the colors of the blushes. For a drugstore blush, these are pretty sturdy and substantial. I’ve travelled with them multiple times and they never break.



I love these and I highly recommend them, and not just because of their stunning packaging.

However, I would steer away from Tea Rose and Coral Cove, but that was just my experience. Maybe I got a bad batch?

What do you think of these blushes?


AVAILABLE FROM: Amazon ($7.88), Milani Cosmetics ($9), Target ($6.99), Walgreens ($8.50), Walmart ($6.97)


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