Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks Review

These Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks melted my heart at first sight. I got even more excited when Temptalia gave them full marks across all categories.

But did they really live up to my expectations?

Check out my Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks review for Melted Peony and Melted Coral below.

These come in a wide variety of shades and most of them seem to be bright, intimidating colors. So I ended up purchasing what I thought would be the most wearable and least-intimidating ones, which are Melted Coral and Melted Peony. They looked so light on the Temptalia website, but I think it was just the bright lighting she used to take the pictures with. It looked different in real life under natural sunlight, so I was a bit bummed.

So I know I may be the odd one out, but these did not live up to my expectations, although I still use the shade Melted Peony from time to time, and only when my lips are not dry or chapped.



Melted Coral is described as a creamy coral, but it looks more like full-on neon orange to me when built up to its maximum opacity. I looked like I had an orange Stabilo highlighter on my lips.

It looked very light on Temptalia, which was why I bought the shade because I love corals, but maybe her lighting was too intense because in real life it seriously looks neon orange.

I still wanted to make it work though, so what I’ve been doing is just applying a light layer of it and then blot it on a tissue paper, and apply a slighly pinkier colored gloss on top. It actually looks really nice this way.

Here are the swatches. The swatches on my arm are under different intensities of natural sunlight.

Too Faced Melted PeonyMelted Peony is described as dusty rose, which I think is the perfect way to describe it. Even before I saw the description on Sephora, the first description of the color that came to mind was in fact “dusty rose”.

This is a much more wearable shade than the Coral shade and I’ve definitely been using this a lot more often than Coral.



Oh gosh this was a pain in the butt to apply. Even with a lip brush, it was streaky and bleeds out because of the slippery, slightly oily formula.This comes in a squeeze-tube (I love the external packaging, not gonna lie) and as Too Faced stated, this comes with a “precise tip applicator”. Hmm. Precise does not seem to be the right word.

Temptalia said:

“The application of the colors was smooth, and each shade delivered even, opaque color that didn’t settle into lip lines or feather/bleed outside of the natural lip line.”

Err… well, I’m sorry but…

And, yes, my lips kinda looked like that at first application.

(Shout out to Miranda Sings! LOL.)

Maybe I got a bad batch?!

With the two I purchased, the application was not smooth (very streaky especially Coral), it was not even, it was not fully opaque, it bled out of my natural lip line like nobody’s business, and worst of all will settle into dry patches. (Note: I’ve worn this on days when my lips are smooth and well-exfoliated and moistured, and also on days when my lips are slightly chapped).

I apply this by squeezing the tube out for a small amount of product then swiping it across the lips, and it’s very creamy and opaque on the spot where I first applied the color, but when I start to swipe it across the shade loses its opacity and becomes streaky and uneven. I have to swipe the color across the lips a couple of times, cleaning up the edges in the process, to get an even and clean application.

However, since this was so expensive I really wanted to make it work and I’ve now found a better way to apply the product.When I applied this on drier lips, I notice that the first thing it does is cling on to the dry patches and flakey skin.


Favorite Application Method

I apply one layer of this on the lips – doesn’t matter if it’s uneven, and blot my lips together very lightly to even it out, then I apply the second layer not in swiping motion but in a dabbing motion. I basically squueze a bit more of the product out and start dabbing the color on the lips, instead of swiping it back and forth. This helps reduce streakiness, helps the color to even out better, adds opacity and reduce chances of the color bleeding outside of the natural lip line.

Too Faced Melted Coral used as a light stain, topped with
Urban Decay Naked Lip Gloss in Lovechild

Another way I like to use this product is to use it as a lipstain instead of a lipstick. I apply a layer of the product, clean up the edges, and let it set for a bit before I blot the excess off on a tissue. Then I like applying a colored lipgloss over it. My current favorite is the Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss in Lovechild, I love using this on top of both Coral and Peony. The cool tones in the gloss really tones down the bright, neon-ish orange shade of Coral and it complements Peony really well!


The finish is satin-matte. It gets more matte the longer it stays on your lips and would leave a stain when it fades.


The texture is of a liquid lipstick, slightly glossy and slippery, and within the first few hours feel rather oily/slippery on the surface of the lips.
This immediately made my lips feel dry, as if it’s sucking the moisture out of my lips. I had slightly dry and chapped lips one time when I used this, and it made my lips worse. The chapping got worse after about half an hour. And, I couldn’t use this product on top of lipbalm, no matter how light of a layer of lipbalm I had. I tried applying lipbalm over the color, and not under it, and it didn’t do much for the lips as well. So I would personally not recommend this for people with dry lips!
But the product smells really nice though.


In full opacity, the Peony shade lasted about 6-7 hours on me and even lasted through light meals. However I’ve never tried the Coral shade in its full opacity, I don’t want to walk around town looking like I’ve been chewing on my orange highlighter marker. I don’t know why I don’t like the shade on me, I’ve heard so many people like the Coral shade!
When worn as a light stain both colors only lasted about 2-3 hours though, add 1 hour when worn with gloss.


The external packaging is probably my favorite aspect of it. And the scent.

The squeeze tube is made of matted rubber and it isn’t hard to squeeze the product out. I love the matted gold twist-on cap as well, and how the box also has a matted feel to it.

The packaging is overall indisputably beautiful.


Final Verdict

Again I say, I may be the odd one out. I don’t understand the hype around this product. I honestly prefer the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams over this, which I’ve reviewed here, and they’re only $6 each while this one is a whopping $21! That’s almost four times more expensive!

I find it a bit odd that almost everyone paid to do a review/given the product seem to really like it, but quite a lot of people on Sephora and MakeupAlley seem to have the same opinion as I do. This was rated 3.9/5 on Sephora and 3.1/5 on MakeupAlley, which I wasn’t surprised about.

Well, I guess it’s just a matter of preference!

However, I do notice that the lighter colors seem to be the ones getting most of the bad reviews, more people opt for the darker shades. So I may actually try to get one of the darker shades in the future, just to try it out.

If you’ve had experience with this product please let me know what you think. Maybe there’s a better application method out there? The application is honestly what bothers me most!

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