Real Techniques Bold Metals Review (101 Triangular Foundation & 300 Tapered Blush)

Hey, you guise. After using these for some time, I can finally write up my thoughts on these beauties.

These are two of seven of the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection which were just released in Australia a few months ago.

For a drugstore brush collection, these are pretty darn expensive. They cost about AU$60 at Priceline and US$25.99 at Ulta (why, Australia, WHY?!). So, the question is, are they worth every penny?

Check out my Real Techniques Bold Metals review below.

(Pssst… they’re currently on sale on Amazon!)

So, the collection features seven brushes that are split into three categories:

  1. Silver brushes are for the eyes (200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease, 202 Angled Liner)
  2. Gold brushes are for base makeup (100 Arched Powder, 101 Triangle Foundation)
  3. Rose Gold brushes are cheek/finishing brushes (300 Tapered Blush, 301 Flat Contour)

I was sent the 101 Triangle Foundation brush and the 300 Tapered Blush brush.

These are all crafted with the highest quality synthetic fibres and thus feel very soft on the skin. They are all densely packed too, and I haven’t had any of the bristles shed even after the two times I’ve washed them.

These retail for AU$58.99 at Priceline Australia and US$24 at Ulta. Amazon is currently having them on sale though, so they’re as low at US$11.51! Check out the widget at the very bottom of the page.


101 Triangle Foundation

People have very polarized opinions about this brush – some love it, some loathe it. I somehow find myself somewhere in the middle.

Real Techniques Bold Metals (4)

This brush has a tapered end but is triangular shaped, making it easy to get into hard-to-reach places like the sides of the nose and the inner corners of the eyes. I personally love the shape, however I find that some of the bristles can feel a bit sharp. This brush can only be used in swiping motion, not in swirling or dabbing motion.

So I usually use a Beauty Blender or a Sigma Kabuki brush to apply my foundation, but I’ve been using this to swipe out and blend foundation around the nose area because the triangular shape makes it so easy to blend foundation out in those areas.


300 Tapered Blush Brush

This brush head looks like a smaller version of the MAC 129 but it has a slightly tapered end. It’s also much denser than the MAC. I actually like that it’s pretty small because it makes the blush placement slightly more accurate. However, it is best used for sheerer blushes and highlighters.

Real Techniques Bold Metals (3)

Because of the density of this brush, application can be pretty heavy even though you’re applying with a very light hand. Application is also better done in a very light dabbing motion, not in a swirling motion because it’s very densely packed and swirling can cause most of the product to be applied on one area more than the other, causing patchiness and unevenness.

My overall experience with this brush has been very pleasant though, and I’m eagerly waiting for the 301 Flat Contour Brush and  100 Arched Powder brushes to be restocked at Priceline! I can also get them when I return to the States this Christmas… or buy them at Amazon right now! They’re currently on sale, check out the widget below.

Either way I will definitely be getting more of these precious brushes 🙂

Have you ever tried these brushes? Let me know what you think of them!


Disclaimer: These products were sent for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own.

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