3CE Gradation Bold Blush in Peachy Beach Review

This review is long overdue and I apologize for that! This was featured in my August Favorites post because it was probably the only blush I wore throughout the month!

This 3CE blush shade is a gradation of a light, pink shade and a bright, warm (almost neon-ish) orange. So it’s basically three blushes in one plus a highlighter too!

There are two shades available in this collection: a pink-purple (Plum Candy) and a pink-orange (Peachy Beach).

I got the Peachy Beach because the Plum Candy had cooler undertones and warmer undertones look better on my skin.

Check out the swatches of Peachy Beach below:

So this blush can give you three different colors – pink, orange and a combination between the two: a warm pinky coral.

This is what the pink looks like on my skin. (Please excuse the dark circles, no makeup worn here except the blush! LOL.)

And this is what a combo of the two look like on my skin. I rarely wear the orange on its own because it’s too orange on me.

As you can see in the photo below it looks a bit warmer and a bit more orange than when the pink was worn alone.

This blush has a gorgeous luminous glow, which makes it sort of like a blush and luminizer/highlighter in one!

As you can see it’s got tiny specks of microshimmers, but they’re very soft and finely milled, making the glow look very natural.

The longevity is pretty impressive, lasting up to 8 hours.

The formula of the blush is of course powder but it’s very, very soft and feels like satin when swatched! This makes application so easy – no patches or unevenness at all.

The packaging was honestly one of the first things that drew me to these blushes. It’s packaged like all other 3CE blushes, except it’s pink, not black. The salesperson said the packaging is pink because it’s limited edition, but I don’t really know if they are limited editions.

Limited edition or not, if you ever pass by a Stylenanda or an Asian beauty store, definitely check this blush out because the texture is amazing and the finish is just stunning!

Have you ever tried anything from 3CE? This was my first 3CE purchase! Let me know what your favorite 3CE products are!

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