Review: Rimmel Provocalips 16-Hour Kiss Proof Lip Colour

Oh, my goodness!
I am so excited to finally share my thoughts on these lippies! These are the most long-wearing and comfortable lip products I’ve ever tried!
One thing about this that really sold me is the fact that it does not transfer!
I haven’t been using much lip products lately because I’ve been so obsessed with my baby boy – I can’t stop kissing him! 😀 And I hate that my lip products, even tinted balms, always transfer on him. So I just stopped using lip products altogether – until I found this gem!
It doesn’t transfer on skin, on clothes, on anything!
Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips
Not too long ago Rimmel launched a #mykisslist campaign to find Australia’s most kiss-worthy celebrities and had people sharing their list of Top 5 celebrities they’d love to kiss the most.
I had a hard time putting my list together – I honestly would only like to have Tom Hardy and Colton Haynes on my list. LOL!
Numbers one and two were no-brainers for me,
seriously had a hard time picking numbers three to five! LOL.
Anyways… they had this campaign because they were promoting this line of product to be kiss proof liquid lipsticks. I was very skeptical, of course, but now I’m sold. I can testify that they truly are kiss, and budge, proof.
Read on to see swatches and more of my thoughts on these lippies!


The product comes in a wide range of 8 shades. 4 everyday/wearable shades, and 4 brighter ones.
L-R: Kiss Fatal, Play With Fire, Kiss Me You Fool, Little Minx, I’ll Call You, Dare To Pink, Skinny Dipping, Make Your Move

230 Kiss Fatal

Cool-toned, vampy plum. Perfect for fall!

550 Play With Fire

Dark, cool-toned, dark pink. Reminds me of the “Big Bang” shade from their Apocalips line. This will most likely be my Holiday Season go-to lip color!

500 Kiss Me You Fool

Bright, true red with warmer undertones. Such a fun all-year-long bright red!

310 Little Minx

Bright, fuschia, hot pink. I can never pull these shades off but for those of you who love bright pinks, this will be so flattering.

200 I’ll Call You

Cool-toned medium pink. One of my favorites!

730 Make Your Move

Brownish rose pink, a true MLBB shade. This is my favorite shade out of the whole line!

700 Skinny Dipping

Brown-based nude – funny how the name implies “nudity”. LOL.

110 Dare To Pink

Nude, pale pink. Honestly way too pale for me – I look like I have toothpaste on my lips, but this will look lovely on paler skin tones.


Application is as easy as one, two, thr– no actually that’s it! Just two simple steps and a few seconds of wait in-between steps.
Step 1 is the lip color (liquid lipstick) and the consistency is very runny upon application, so a bit of caution is required. This isn’t the type of lip product that you can just slather on without a mirror!
Try to apply one thin layer first before building up because of the runny consistency. After a few seconds the lip color will turn a bit tacky and sticky. It will also feel like it’s tightening your lips a bit. It starts off looking very glossy but will turn into a satin-matte finish once it dries. This is your cue to apply Step 2.
DO NOT attempt to apply Step 2 when the lip color is still wet and runny. You’ve been warned 😉
The lip color is required to dry and feel tacky for Step 2 to adhere to it properly.
Step 2 is sort of the “top coat” and works to shield the lip color so that upon contact, or if fading is to occur, it would occur to the “top coat” first. Step 2 also ensures your lips stay hydrated and helps avoid flaking.
I personally didn’t have to reapply the lip color throughout the day, all I did was reapply the second step.


I’ve read other bloggers’ reviews about this product and most of them say these last for only about 4 hours before they start fading, but in my experience they lasted for at least 6 before showing signs of fading. I’ve never had them on for more than 8 hours, so I can’t testify whether they’d really last as long as it was advertised to last for – i.e. 16 hours.
The shade I’ve worn the most is Make Your Move (my favorite!) and it always lasts for at least 6 hours before it starts fading, and it still lasted even after meals and lip biting!
Step 2 (the balm/lock-in gloss), however, disappeared after a meal, but the shade was still in tact with only minor fading. So incredible! So, Step 2 is used to protect the lip color and it works!
The picture above shows the swatches of the lip colors after being removed by Bioderma. Obviously doesn’t work! I had to remove it with an oil-based eye and lip makeup remover (I used MAC). The color adheres well on the skin and lips.


This product retails for $17.95 at Priceline. For something as kiss and budge proof as this, it’s totally worth it.


I’m so overly impressed with Rimmel’s recent slew of lip product releases. This one has got to be my favorite. Especially the shade Make Your Move!
I’m giving this line of liquid lippies a 5/5 – it’s a no brainer!
Have you guys tried these? Let me know what your thoughts/experiences are!
‘Til next time!

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