Tarte Swamp Queen Palette Review

Tarte Swamp Queen Palette

Guess what’s back in stock? The Tarte Swamp Queen palette!

The Tarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette (US$45/AU$75) is a limited-edition, full face palette co-created with YouTube personality @grav3yardgirl. This highly anticipated palette has been sold out a couple of times already and Tarte finally has this back in stock.

Check out my Tarte Swamp Queen palette review below.


Shades, Formula and Color Payoff

The palette comes with three cheek shades (bronzer, highlighter and blush) and nine eyeshadows. This is such a perfect palette to travel with as it’s got everything you need!

Tarte Swamp Queen Palette Swatches


  • Sweet Tea (bronzer): A warm reddish toned medium-dark brown with a matte finish and tiny gold glitters. I don’t know what the gold glitters are for as they don’t really show up on the skin at all, which is good because this makes the shade great for contouring as well as bronzing! The color applied evenly with great payoff and is easy to blend out.
  • Does this thing really work? (blush): A matte cool-toned rather-plummy pink with gold glitter that, again, doesn’t really stick on to the skin. Some of the glitters that do show up don’t really stick around for too long. I really like the color but I find that the texture is noticeably rougher than the rest of the shades in the palette. It took a while to blend it out evenly on the skin but it looked so lovely once properly applied.
  • Gator Wings (highlighter): A warm toned light gold with a metallic, glittery finish that reminds me so much of Becca’s Moonstone and TheBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer. The glitters can look a bit chunky and thus emphasize the pores, so it’s better to apply this very light-handedly with a fan brush.

Tarte Swamp Queen Palette Swatches


  • SFS: A soft, warm toned peachy rose gold peachy-pink with a shimmery finish. Very soft and blendable, the perfect lid color that can easily be applied using fingers.
  • Natural Peaches: A matte warm-toned peachy nude, perfect as a transition shade. Payoff isn’t intense, but this makes it a great transition color as it’s very buildable and blendable.
  • Dogman: A warm reddish brown “burnt sienna” with gold sparkles that, again, disappears upon application. Since this ends up being completely matte, this acts as a gteat outer corner contour shade. It’s vert soft and smooth, making it very easy to blend out.
  • Big Baby: A matte, yellowish light cream shade. It doesn’t really show up on my skin so it makes a great base or transition color.
  • Sassy Bun: My favorite shade! This is a shimmery warm toned copper with a frosty finish. The formula is pretty dry but still holds up pretty well on the lids. I find that some of the glitters would fade out when I blend this shade out, but still a stunning color nevertheless.
  • Sippy Sippy: A matte, warm toned dark brown with gold glitters. I actually like the fact that the glitters disappear when this color is blended out, so this color makes a great outer-corner contour shade.
  • Haunting: A warm toned light lavender with a pearlized shimmery finish. This was one of the more powdery ones and easily sheered out on the skin. This won’t work well as an all-over lid color, but makes a great transition shade for the purple-toned shades in this palette.
  • Uncommon: Described as “purple slate”, this is a purplish taupe with a frosty sheen finish. I love this shade as it had great color payoff and a soft and smooth texture.
  • Mancat: A matte, warm toned deep plum, the perfect outer corner contour shade to pair with Haunting and Uncommon. The color payoff isn’t super intense, but is pretty blendable and buildable, making it quite easy to work with.



Most of these shades lastes for about 7-8 hours without primer, which is very impressive!



I love the overall wooden-swampy look of this palette! My favorite part about the packaging is the huge mirror that it comes with!

The brush that it comes with is a soft, flat shadow brush. I love the quality, I just wish it’s double ended with a blending brush on the other end!


Final Verdict

All in all, I’m very happy with thisTarte Swamp Queen Eye & Cheek Palette palette! I love the quality of the shades and love how I can create a whole look with just this palette as all the colors are super wearable, it makes traveling so much easier!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at makeup, I’m sure you’ll benefit from this palette. Highly recommend this!


Beauty Bucketeer Approved


Disclaimer: These products were generously provided by Tarte Cosmetics for consideration, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review. Post may contain affiliate links.

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