VS Sassoon Wet & Dry Straightening Brush Review

“Now you can dry and straighten your hair at the same time, all while creating va va voom volume!”

A 3-in-1 hair tool that straightens, volumises and dries (and detangles) your hair in one easy movement? Yes, please!

While everyone is hyping over the straightening hairbrush, here I am obsessed and head-over-heels in love with the iconic VS Sassoon’s recently released Wet & Dry Straightening Brush.

Yes, it’s a hairdryer and straightener in one. No other straightening brush in the world currently offers this convenience or results. Best thing is, you don’t even need a separate hairbrush to help you dry your hair out anymore!

It wasn’t love at first use with this one, but I ended up loving it. Read more about it below!



VS Sassoon claims that this tool will allow you to not only straighten without sacrificing body and bounce, but it also dries your hair at the same time.

So it eliminates the need for us to dry our hair and straighten it with two separate tools. They claim that this could even work on the most hard-to-straighten hair.

I have naturally wavy hair that’s easily styled, but will go back to its wavy self so fast! So, did it work on me?



The first time I tried this, my hair was completely soaked wet – straight out of the shower. I was disappointed to see how slow it was at drying my hair, so I decided to use a conventional hair dryer for about 3-5 minutes without a brush, just simply to dry most of my hair and then go back to using the Wet & Dry Straightening Brush.

Boy, was I blown away!

In the image below, I dried the whole right side of my hair (left side on the screen) with a hairdryer and a hair brush. On the other side, I dried my hair until it’s about 70% dry (about 1-2 minutes) then used the Wet & Dry Straightening Brush to finish off. It took about 5-7 minutes to dry out the whole left side of my hair using the the Wet & Dry Straightening Brush.


I’ve also tried using the Brush with air-dried hair and it works just as fantastically! I honestly prefer using this on half air-dried hair.

As you can see this brush won’t completely straighten out your hair (as in stick-straight) because it aims to add volume, body and bounce to the hair, which is why I actually love it and prefer it. Whenever I use a straightener, I always have to sacrifice volume because it will completely flatten the hair. This, on the other hand, smooths out the hair and straightens it just enough for it to still look straight but with more body and bounce.

Best thing is, my hair usually gets tangled so easily. Ever since I used this Brush my hair rarely gets tangled because it’s so much smoother.

And… since it’s built with a detangling comb on it, I no longer need a separate hairbrush to help me dry my hair! The comb actually detangles the hair really well, especially if you’ve conditioned your hair really well in the shower.



Here’s a closer look at the product itself.

VS Sassoon Wet Dry Straightening Brush (2)

To use the Brush, simply turn it on to your desired setting and brush it along your hair and it will dry and straighten at the same time.

VS Sassoon Wet Dry Straightening Brush (3)

The comb is designed in such a way that it will help detangle the hair during the drying process. The base of the brush is ceramic, which helps straighten the hair without damaging it.

VS Sassoon Wet Dry Straightening Brush (4)

The tool comes with three heat/speed settings, including cool.


Final Verdict

Here are the pros and cons of the tool:


  • Smoother, tangle-free hair.
  • More body and bounce to the hair while still looking straight enough.
  • No need to use separate tools and hairbrush to dry and straighten hair.
  • Results are very long-lasting.


  • It won’t make the hair stick-straight. If you’re looking to create flat, sleek, stick-straight hair, this won’t work for you.
  • Doesn’t work on completely soaked/wet hair. Well it does but it’s going to take hours to dry.

Although I’m not able to use this on completely soaked hair, I still love it and keep reaching for it every time I wash my hair because my hair is much smoother and easier to manage every time I use it. I prefer using this on air-dried hair, so I usually wrap my hair up in a towel for about half an hour before using this tool.

This is available in stores since early May 2016 for AU$62.95 and comes with a 2-year warranty! (Model No: VSHA2725A) This can currently only be purchased at David Jones, but will be available in more Australian department stores soon.


Beauty Bucketeer Approved


Disclaimer: This product was generally provided for consideration by VS Sassoon, however all opinions expressed are unbiased and of my own. No payment was received for this review.

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