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November 2016 Beauty Favorites

I know we’re halfway into December already and it’s probably way too late for a favorites post but I just really wanted to share with you these amazing makeup and hair products I’ve been loving over the past month!



I have three favorite palettes that I’ve been using a lot this past month. Whenever I had to wear makeup, I wonly only use one of these three.

LORAC Pro 3 Palette

The only thing I regret about this palette is not getting it sooner! I kept holding off getting this palette because I thought the colors weren’t unique enough, but that actually became the very reason why I love this palette. You get plenty of highlight, transition and contour shades for any occasion!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

The reds in this palette may be intimidating, but they’re actually one of the many reasons why I love this palette. Rocking a reddish eyeshadow look is possible when paired with the right browns and champagnes, and this palette has just the right colors to balance them out. This palette is also versatile enough to create neutral eye looks if we just use the brown and beige tones! Oh and the quality of the shadows are just incredible.

Tarte Swamp Queen Palette*

The blush in this palette has been the only blush I’ve been wearing ever since I got it mid November! Check out my full review and swatches of the palette here.

Shu x Murakami Eyelash Curler*

This eyelash curler is basically the same ‘ol, highly-coveted Shu Uemura eyelash curler we all know (and love), this limited edition one just comes in black and also has a cute flower shaped keychain as it is part of the Shu x Murakami Holiday 2016 collection!

Jouer Lip Creme – Terra & Skinny Dip

I seriously don’t remember ever wearing any other lip product aside from Jouer lip creames ever since I got them! My favourite shades are Terra and the lip topper in Skinny Dip. I’ve reviewed and swatched them all here.



Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil*

I swear by this because:

  1. It can be used on the face, hair and body
  2. It’s not sticky
  3. It comes in a spray packaging
  4. It’s very effective!

I’ve been spraying this on the ends of my hair every now and then, and I just realized how effective this oil is when my hairdresser noted that my now butt-length hair is still so healthy and shiny with no signs of damage, which is a rare sight for her because long hairs get damaged easily.

Matomage Hair Stick

I don’t know why but I’ve recently been getting a lot of tiny little baby hairs along my hairline, and they’re so annoying! I mean it’s good that I’ve got a bunch of new hair growing out, but I can’t stand the flyaways as they make my hair look so messy. This hair stick is basically hair wax in stick deodorant form so you won’t have to get your fingers sticky from dipping them into a tub of wax or gel. It is a lifesaver if you’re struggling with messy baby hairs like me! Simply swipe this over any messy parts of the hair and it’ll keep the hairs down almost all day. I never actually had to touch up! This was featured in my Second Day Hair Favorites post.


Spot any of your favourites here? What were some of your beauty favorites from th past month?


* Disclaimer: Some products mentioned were gifted, but as usual opinions are unbiased and honest. Some links may be affiliate links.

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